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5 - Management Gurus from whom we get some of the best learning part related to Management

Ant Philosophy related to Hard Work, Commitment to Win, Communication and Team Effectiveness.

Message from Ants.....

Earn First. Spend Later.

Invest First. Consume Later.

Simplicity is the most precious asset that one should own.

2) Think of Oyster and the first thing which comes to our mind is 'Pearl'. We all know that the Oyster lives in a shell. When any irritation gets into its shell, the oyster first tries to take it out. But when it can't, it uses the same irritations to create one of the most beautiful things in the world. It uses the irritations to do the best thing it can if given a chance. Yes it makes a Pearl.

Message from Oyster.....

"Create a pearl every time you face adversities"

When faced with problems majority of us tend to complain, crib, disagree, blame and hold others responsible. We avoid facing problems and doubt our ability to create a Pearl.

Eagle is one of the best Management Gurus to represent Change. The ability to deal with change is a must quality for today's global, fast moving and ever changing environment. We all must be aware of the wonderful qualities of eagle related to speed, patience and sharp vision etc. However, one of its best qualities is Change management.

As per studies, eagle has an average life expectancy of around 60 years. However when it reaches around 30 years of age, its beak and wings get weaker not allowing eagle to fly and catch food efficiently. So the eagle breaks its own beak, which then takes around a month to grow it again. Then with the new healthier beak the eagle takes off all its wings, which again takes a time period of another month to grow them again. Thus the eagle voluntarily invites temporary pain and sacrifices for a better tomorrow! The eagle is ready again to fly and catch food with the same energy and speed.

Message from Eagle …..

Like eagle, we should also be alert and ready to accept the fact that to adjust with ever changing environment; our knowledge, skills and abilities need to be upgraded and enhanced continuously.

4)Trees have so many management principles to be shared with us. It can help us at any stage and in each area of our life.

They teach us to believe in Vision and Planning to achieve the same. It also teaches us Patience, Strategic Growth and Selfless Service.

All huge trees begin their lives as a small seed initially and then they grow in stages. The higher a tree grows; the more it needs to spread its roots deeper. Here the growth of tree represents our growth in various areas of life and the roots represents our knowledge, hard work, skills, dedication, sincerity, patience, genuineness, relations, contacts, network, commitment to win, positive attitude and over all management of our time, energy and money in a productive way etc. Thus, in order to grow as an individual, family or an organization we need to spread our roots deeply and firmly.

Apart from growing higher, the trees also spread across branches. It represents that we should also try to spread across various dimensions of life and strike a balance between the personal, professional, social and spiritual areas of our lives. Also, within the sphere of life try to diversify further i.e. to be open to take up new assignments, play various roles, develop diverse skills and acquire varied knowledge. It will help us to grow from execution level to management level and from there to leadership, in each aspect of life.

What other statement could have been best fit to explain the power of one of the best management principles followed by chameleon? What is that? As we all know that chameleon has got a natural ability to change colors, which help it for self-protection, hiding from target food, communication and also display of physical and psychological condition etc. We all should learn to be human chameleon i.e. try adjusting to people, environment / surrounding; while thinking, communicating and taking decisions; by controlling and managing our internal environment i.e. our emotions and psychology. Be owner of your own 'Mind', the final ruler of body.

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