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Antiaging Food Guidelines

Here are presented some antiaging nutrition food guidelines. Check out tips on choosing the right anti aging care diet.

Aging, an unavoidable phenomenon, is characterized by wrinkles, memory loss, declined physical capacity, mental and logical sharpness, weakening of the function of sense organs, incoming of diseases like cardiac problems, diabetes, blood pressure, arthritis, etc, gray hair and so on. Nobody wants to be old, look old, and feel old but aging is just a reality of life. However, it is impossible to stay young forever but with the help of a healthy eating and living style, we can keep hale and hearty. Changing your diet can extend your life and make you feel and look younger than your physical age. A healthy diet can help you conquer the aging process. Staying young and keeping fit does not depend on anti aging creams but other factors like nutrition and exercise plays a significant role in doing so.

Antioxidant is the main element of a youthful diet. The food rich in antioxidants protects you against several diseases. They prevent you from contracting diseases like cancer, Alzheimer's, cardiac failures and elevated blood pressure. They have the capability of retarding the aging process. Some of the most popular food items that are rich in antioxidant are berries, broccoli, spinach, green tea, garlic and tomatoes.

Given below are some anti aging nutrition tips that will give you a clear idea of what to eat

* Limit the intake of fats and sugar.
* Consume a moderate-dose multiple vitamin-and-mineral supplement on a regular basis.
* Lay emphasis on minimally processed fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, non-fat skim milk and lean meat, especially fish.
* It is advisable to take some extra antioxidants, such as 100 IU of vitamin E.
* Drink plenty of water, at least about 10-12 glasses everyday. It flushes out all the toxins from the body.
* Focus on eating complex carbohydrates, rather than going in for fast digesting carbohydrate foods like rice, wheat, bread and pasta that shoot up your blood sugar level thus making your obese.
* Avoid underground vegetables like potato, yam, and carrots that tend to cause sugar imbalance.
* Choose above ground veggies, as they have antioxidant properties.
* Prefer consuming fresh fruits, rather than opting for fruit juices, which contain high fat and sugar content.

Anti Aging Vitamins

* When the person enters in his 70s, it is then that the body is only able to produce 40% of this vitamin and thus there arises a need to increase the intake of vitamin D. An adequate dosage of 200 IU of vitamin D is required by people who are in their 20s and for people who are older, 400 IU to 600 IU is needed to do the same amount of work.

* As you age, Vitamin B intake should also be increased, as the lack of these vitamins, namely, folic acid, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, in the body, puts you at a higher risk of heart disease and memory loss that characterize aging. As you age, increase your B6 dose from 2 mg to 5 mg; increase B12 over time from 2 mcg to 10 mcg. So, to overcome the problem of aging, ensure your sufficient intake of anti aging vitamins.

Foods Causing Aging

Basic Premise
The food we intake can be divided into two groups. First of all, the group that produces acids when it is digested. The other group is the one that produces alkalis on digestion. Try to prefer the in take of later one. As the waste products that are acidic are basically toxins and the toxins cause lethargy, pain and aging. So in order to avoid ageing, you must limit the intake of acid producing substances.

What not to eat in order to avoid ageing

* High levels carbohydrate food
* Sugar
* Milk and cheese
* Caffeine
* Chocolate
* Cigarettes
* White flour
* Microwave food
* Artificial sweeteners
* Alcohol
* Processed foods
* Preserved meat
* Meat from animals on unnatural diets
* Vegetable oil
* Canola oil
* Cotton seed oil
* Olestra
* Hydrogenated oils
* Deep fried foods
* Chips / French fries
* Puffed grains
* Soy Milk
* Soy Oil
* Oysters
* Puffed grains
* Margarine

Anti Aging Foods

Basic Premise
Most of the food we intake produce acid when digested, in order to avoid these toxic acids from affecting our body, we need to neutralize them by using alkali. In order to provide our body with more and more alkali to neutralize acid, we should consume leafy eatables like sprouts, parsley and cabbage and food rich in fiber content. Also prefer raw, steamed and boiled food and avoid spices and deep fried items. In order to avoid any ambiguity read on to know a list of what to eat when on an anti-ageing diet.

What to eat in order to avoid ageing

* Raw nuts
* Sprouted grains
* Almonds
* Fruit and vegetables
* Green leafy vegetables
* Lentils
* Beans
* Brown rice
* Organic Cottage Cheese
* Yogurt
* Goji Juice
* Bee Pollen
* Kambucha
* Celtic sea salt
* Spirulina
* Seaweed
* Wheatgrass juice
* Barley greens
* Aloe Vera
* Antioxidants
* Olive oil
* Evening primrose oil
* Foods with omega 3 fatty acids (eg flaxseed oil)
* Foods with omega 4 & 5 fatty acids (eg evening primrose and fish oil)

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