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French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup with Scallions: Serves 4(1 cup)servings

Here is how I make an easy French Onion Soup.You can use Gruyere or any cheese on the French bread.Toast it just until you get a little color on top and place on the soup.If you like thicker soup,add 2tsp plain flour on the onion rings and saute before adding the stock.You can add some wine too in addition to the stock.


1 tbsp butter,1 Bay leaf,2 medium onions cut into rings,1/2 cup Spring Onions chopped,2 Garlic minced,4 cups low-sodium Beef stock (or chicken stock or veg stock or water),1 tsp dry Thyme or 1 tbsp fresh Thyme,salt and pepper.4 thick slices French Bread,8 tbsp cheese of your liking,2 tbsp Parmesan,fresh Thyme and some Spring Onion for garnish.


Melt butter,add Bay leaf,onion rings and saute until they get reddish on the edges.Put in chopped Spring Onion and minced Garlic,stir for 2 mins.Pour in stock of your choice(Beef stock is used for this soup usually),salt(stock already has salt,go easy!),pepper and boil for 10 mins.Discard the Bay leaf.

Meanwhile,preheat broiler.Sprinkle 2 tbsp Cheese on 4 thick sliced French bread,1 tbsp Parmesan cheese on each and broil just until they get little color,take them out and cool on the cooling rack.Sprinkle some Spring Onion on top.

To Serve:

Serve the hot soup in a bowl,float one slice of French bread on top and serve immediately.

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