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How To Make A Sock Puppet

Sock puppets can easily be made using old and used socks. Adding all sorts of features, you can make an endless array of puppets. The puppets would do well in decorating your drawing room. And the fact that you have made it would bring more appreciation for you. So learn how to make sock puppets.

Things Needed

* Cardboard
* Chalk,
* Sscissors and Paper
* Sock
* Hot Melt Glue Gun
* Pink or Red Felt
* Artificial Eyes

How to make a Sock Puppet

* Cut out the suitable shape out of the cardboard.
* Fold it in half. Push the folded mouthpiece into the sock in such a way that the curved ends are towards the toe end of the sock. The cardboard piece should not be too big.
* Wherever the mouthpiece ends in the sock, mark it with chalk and thereafter cut it off.
* Flatten out the sock with your hand in such a way that heal of the sock is on top.
* Remove the extra sock material around the cardboard mouthpiece.
* Now fold open the toe end of the sock and the mouthpiece.
* Put some hot melt glue in the center of the lower edge of the cardboard mouthpiece. Put the edge of the sock material over the glue.
* Place some glue on the top edge of the mouthpiece. Put the edge of the sock over the mouthpiece as you press the mouthpiece down put more glue.
* For making the mouth, cut another mouthpiece from pink or red felt.
* It should fit over the cardboard mouthpiece and slightly cover the edge.
* Cut a tongue piece for the puppet and put it inside the mouth with help of glue.
* Stuff the sock puppet with something to make your puppet firm. Make ears, eyes, teeth, and other features with anything your want.
* Your sock puppet is ready.

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