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Decorating Ideas For Girls Room

Blue Room

Decorating Tips

* An inexpensive way to give a canopy look without the heavy feel of a canopy bed. Often a child's room is too small to carry off a large canopy bed---but your kids love the look. The solution: rods are afixed to the ceiling and to both sides of the walls. Sheer white fabric is draped through the rods and puddled on the floor.
* Paint your walls and use white as the unifying color. Your room will pull together quickly.

* Quick trick using fabric. Here different cotton print fabrics are overlayed on a square piece of wood covered in a thin layer of batting. Pull the fabric tightly and staple. Contrasting ribbon is criss crossed and a button has been attached.
* This great piece of wall art does not match the bed covering but picks up the pastel colors of the bedding. Three small pillows, however, were made that carry those colors over to the bed.


Chef Frame

* Consider using our pink or shabby chic white scalloped frames and weave a dramatic ribbon for a similar effect.
* Find our frames on the Chef page. Available in shabby chic white and pink.

Frame With Ribbons

* Take a ribbon and weave it through a frame. The ribbon makes the frame pop and it becomes much more significant on the wall.

Princess Room

Decorating Tips

* Buy a ready made comforter and buy fabric in coordinating prints. A pastel plaid and solid pink were chosen for this room. Get a custom look for a fraction of the cost.
* This room is over the top. Three different patterned wall papers, coordinating pictures and signs, and a bed filled with princess pillows.
* Consider our Fairy Tales Do Come True Signs on the Princess page.

* By adding a ribbon and bow (with center flower), the picture becomes visually more important.
* Coordinating quilt used as a table topper.
* You can't quite tell but a sconce has been added to either side of the bed. To hide the unsightly cords, coordinating fabric and ribbon have been tied around the cord. A great trick when a room has not been pre-wired.
* When you put accessories on a table top, remember the rule of 3's or 5's. Here they used a photo frame, greenery, and a small glass clock

Dancer Room

Decorating Tips

* Color makes this room and the theme of dancing is set by the hanging letters above the bed. Find these letters on our site on the products page.
* A charming chandelier acts the the finishing touch to this room. Find similar chandeliers and lamps on our products page.
* Notice the single buttercup yellow pillow makes the bed pop.

Hot Pink Room

* There is an expresssion in athletics---Go Big or Go Home, in this room it is Go Bold or Go Home!
* Buy a mirror that doesn't match the furniture.
* They have used a decorative hook and painted it white to hang the mirror.
* Ribbon is used to attach the mirror to the hook.

* It's all about color in this room. White, however, is the unifying color which is used in the furniture and moldings.
* Notice the prints used above the bed. These frameless pictures are wonderful. No expensive frames or matting and no glass to break. The look is clean and crisp.
* Oosy Daisy Art can be found on our products page.

Girls Room

Decorating Tips

* How simple!
* The room is painted so you see the striking color contrast. You don't want white walls and white rods.
* These simple and inexpensive rods were painted white to match the other accessories in the room. Small bracelets, watches and key chains were added
* The rods are about 18" and the spacing is about 6". Visually you have filled up wall space with very personal treasures

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