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Effective Flat Stomach Workout

An effective flat stomach workout targets a diversity of various stomach muscles and not just focuses on one. You perhaps heard some of your friends talk about doing around 500 sit-ups per day and brag about it. To tell you the truth, that is one of the most inefficient type of exercise one can make and that one I will be providing below is a thousand times more efficient than that.

Our stomach is not just one piece of muscle. All of these various parts must be taken into consideration when you plan to design a good and effective flat stomach workout.

1) Leg Raises – Leg raises target your lower abdominal muscles which are possibly the most difficult to develop so make sure you make additional effort and commitment when you perform them. Lie on your back with your legs extended and your arms on the side of your body. Very slowly, lift your legs a few inches off inches off the floor, still keeping them straight. Hold that hanging position for about 7-10 seconds then gradually bring it down. Keep doing this for about 8 times then move on to the next exercise.

2) Double Crunches – Normal crunches are not too terrible but with double crunches, you contract your muscles even more, resulting in extra work completed. Like on your back and position your hands behind your head. Take your body towards your kness at the same time bringing your kness towards your body, resulting in a stomach contraction in two directions. Try to do 10 of these and go on the next workout.

3) Ab Rollers – This one requires a tool. You need to locate something that rolls very well. I more often than not advise a round dumbbell that rolls easily. However, you might want to find actual ab rollers in the market if you really wish the actual thing. To start, assume push-up position, placing both your hands or your tool. Ab rollers ordinarily come with handles on them for better grip. Maintain this position by standing just on your toes. Now attempt to roll the dumbbell to your stomach, resulting in your body arching a bit. Break for a few moments then roll back to the original position. This exercise might appear a tad difficult to do at the beginning but in just a matter of weeks, you will be amazed of its payback. I propose doing just five of these and move on to the next.

4)Crunches from side to side – These will target your oblique muscles which are most often forgotten by a good number people to train. Assume a sit-up posture putting your hands behind your head. Bring your body upward like you would do a normal sit-up but as a difference, touch your right knee with your left elbow then back to your starting position. Replicate the same step for your right elbow and left knee. Replicate this for about 10 times.

Having completed all the exercises for one round, replicate all the exercises for 3 rounds, making certain to pause only after you have finished all four exercises. Do not break after each exercise like most workouts. Make sure you do all four workouts continuously. This will exhaust your stomach easily resulting in more work done compared to doing 500-1000 sit-ups per day. Follow this flat stomach workout in a number of weeks and you will be surprised of the results.

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