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Garden Party Ideas and Photos

Baby Shower - so pretty.
Here is one cool idea for baby shower party for mothers.You can decide to make her nursery a garden/ladybug theme or even anything else what you like.

we thought of ladybug as invitation .When the wings opened you saw the party information. Here it is...

Garden Party Ideas for Decorations

As centerpieces we used a Picket Fence box that held six planters with wheatgrass and one painted wooden tulip in the center, and we attached a wooden lady bug to the planter.

At the end of the shower each guest at the table got to take one of the planters home with a plantable butterfly shaped paper that you can actually plant and flowers would blossom.

We used thin Astroturf and cut it up to make place mats. We used Red and white polka dot plates and I made Flower pens for guest to complete the activities. Other creative baby shower ideas included flowers out of balloons that hung from the ceiling. A Banner that instead of reading "it a Girl" it read "It's a Little Lady."

The garden party cake was decorated with flowers and cupcakes circled around it with little ladybugs.

Garden Party Cake

Garden Party Ideas for Games

I am also not big on the games for baby shower so we limited it to activities and one game.

We bought a bunch of plain bibs and onesies and had guest decorate them with fabric paint and fabric markers. We provided fun foam stamps for the uncreative artists then we hung them on a clothing line to dry (which added to the decoration).

One of the creative baby shower ideas is to have a raffle.

We asked guests to bring diapers (sizes Newborn-2)to enter the raffle. (I received a galore of diapers) The winner received an Amex gift card. I also had a daisy cutout and guest had to write on the daisy any advice or thing their mom did that really made their life blossom (I received such beautiful stories and advice).

Then I had an alternate baby bingo game for gift opening.

Baby Bingo Game

The guests received a blank bingo card and there job was to fill in the boxes with guests names as they socialized. When the gift opening began, as I opened each guest gift, they would cross out the person's name until they got bingo.

Last, we gave each table of six, 3 gift bags with a CD I made that had all songs about daughters. Then I read them a story about the day my water broke and every time I said RIGHT they passed the gift to the right and every time I said LEFT, they passed the gift to the left. At the end of the story whoever had the bag in their hands won (it was a riot).

All in all it was such a pretty baby shower!

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