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Glittered Holiday Cards With Fold-In Shapes

With a few basic techniques, you can create a wide range of looks by varying shapes, color, and decorative details. These snowman and snowflake pop-ups are decorated with glitter and glue, and inscribed with a fountain pen dipped in red ink.

Things You Will Need:

* Templates, enlarged to desired size
* Fountain pen
* Red ink
* Card stock
* Utility knife
* Glue
* Glitter
* Ribbon, optional

Step 1: Cut Out Figures

For the snowflake and snowman, trace template onto folded card stock, centering the image over the fold. Cut along shape with a utility knife, leaving it attached at the tabs. For the gift card, cut two parallel horizontal lines equidistant from the center fold on card stock.

Step 2: Complete the Card

For all cards, push the shape forward from behind while slightly closing card to crease the shape down the middle. For gift card, attach ribbon. Glue all cards into a larger prefolded backing.

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