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How to Make Crepe Paper Roses

Crepe paper roses add a special touch to weddings, birthdays and other special events. They add color and a fresh look to your decorating scheme. Just as no two roses are alike, you can create realistic-looking roses with crepe paper. Crepe paper is soft and stretchy, and this quality gives you the opportunity to shape each rose into a one-of-a-kind blossom. Create a single rosebud or a bouquet of blooms and everything will be coming up roses.

Things You'll Need:

* Crepe paper
* Green pipe cleaners
* Scissors
* Green floral tape


Step 1

Cut a 15-inch length of crepe paper. Place a green pipe cleaner on your work surface.

Step 2

Wrap one end of the crepe paper firmly around one end of the green pipe cleaner. Wrap the crepe paper around the green pipe cleaner two more times.

Step 3

Bend down the wrapped end of the pipe cleaner 1 inch. Squeeze the pipe cleaner firmly together and twist the wrapped end around itself. This will hold the crepe paper end in place and will create the center of your rose.

Step 4

Wrap the crepe paper firmly around the green pipe cleaner until you have created the size of rosebud or blossom that you want. Cut off the extra crepe paper.

Step 5

Cut a 2-inch piece of green floral tape. Wrap it firmly around the bottom edge of the crepe paper blossom. Smooth the edge of the green floral tape flat. This will keep all the crepe paper layers and the crepe paper end in place.

Step 6

Pull apart the crepe paper layers. You are creating the rose petals. Leave the center of the rose tightly wrapped. The center layers will cover the green pipe cleaner stem.

Step 7

Separate each layer of your crepe paper rose. Shape the layers into individual petals.

Step 8

Stretch the edges of your crepe paper petals. This will create a ruffled, layered effect to your rose blossoms.

Step 9

Curl some of the edges of the rose petal layers. Wrap your rose crepe paper edges around a pipe cleaner. Gently remove the pipe cleaner. The crepe paper edge will have a slight curl.

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