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How To Make Lined Curtains Fast

If you've got a sewing machine, making lined curtains can be a really simple way to give your windows a touch of luxury. Stitching the sides by machine means the curtains won't take much longer to make than unlined ones. Follow this step by step guide and give your curtains a professional look, fast.

Time required: Less than a day (plus shopping for fabric).

You'll need: Fabric, lining and curtain heading tape, metal measuring tape, good dressmaking scissors, sewing machine, thread, needle, pins, pencil.

1. Step One

After measuring out for curtains, follow Making Unlined Curtains Steps One and Two to prepare the main fabric.

2. Step Two

You'll need the same amount of lining fabric as your main fabric (less any pattern repeats). Measure, cut and join the lining; following Steps 1 and 2 of Making Unlined Curtains. Trim 5cm from one side of each curtain lining piece.

3. Step Three

Place the curtain and lining right sides together, with side edges matching (the lining is now narrower than the curtain, so the curtain won't lie flat but don’t worry). Machine stitch the side seams taking a 2.5cm seam. Press seams and snip into the selvages at 45cm intervals so the seams won't pucker. Turn the curtain to the right side and press flat, so that the lining sits centrally behind the main curtain.

4. Step Four

Follow Making Unlined Curtains Step 4 to attach the heading tape. Undo the side hems at the bottom so that you can turn up and finish the main curtain hem (see Step 5 of Making Unlined Curtains). Turn up the lining; making it 2.5cm shorter than the main curtain (trim off the excess lining at the bottom to make the hem less bulky). Hand sew the hem.

5. Tips And Advice

* Measure twice before you cut as mistakes can prove costly.
* Look out for lining fabric that’s the same width or wider than your fabric, so you won’t have to join pieces.
* Get a bespoke look with coloured lining, or use a complementary fabric, such as a toning checked fabric to line a floral curtain.
* Already made unlined curtains? Buy detachable linings and simply hook them onto your existing curtains.

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