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How to Make Silk Roses

Lets make gorgeous silk ribbon roses using non wire-edge ribbon in a variety of colors. They are so easy to make you'll have a basket full before you know it.

Things You'll Need:

* Decorative non wire-edge ribbon
* Floral wire
* Scissors
* Wire snips or old scissor to cut wire
* Green floral tape if you wish


Step 1: Supplies to make ribbon roses

Gather your supplies. Your ribbon should be at least 1-inch wide. Just remember the wider the ribbon the bigger the flower and the more difficult it will be to work with.

Step 2: Cut your ribbon and wire

Cut your ribbon and wire.
From your ribbon cut one 6-inch piece and one 8-inch piece.
From the wire cut one 8-inch piece and one 12-inch piece

Step 3: Rolled center of the rose

Now, you are going to make the center of the rose. Lay out the 6-inch length of ribbon and roll it from one end to the other.

Bend your 8-inch piece of wire in half. Pinch one end of the rolled up ribbon together and put it in the fold of the wire. Coil the wire tightly around the bottom edge of the rolled ribbon leaving a wire "tail" on both sides.

Step 4: Gathered and wired ribbon

Lay out the 12-inch piece of ribbon. You are going to use the 12-inch piece of wire to make a running stitch in your ribbon. Starting at the one end weave the wire in and out of the ribbon close to the edge. Make your stitches about 1/2" apart.

Gather the ribbon into the center of the wire

Step 5: Rolled rose

Take the center rose you rolled and place it at one end of the gathered ribbon. Bring the wire "tails" of the center together and twist them with one end of the wire from the gathered ribbon.

Roll the center rose up the gathered ribbon or petals, twisting the wire are you go. Wrap the loose wire around your "stem".

Step 6: Adding the leaf

Now you will be adding the leaves. If you like, snip out a triangle in both ends of the green ribbon to make leaf shape.

Secure the base of the rose by wrapping the remaining wire around the base. Either use your scissors or the wire "stem" to poke a hole in the center of your leaf ribbon. Feed the leaf up the wire stem until it cradles the rose.

Step 7: Finished rose

Now you have a lovely ribbon rose. If you'd like your wire "stem" to look more real wrap it in floral tape.

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