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Lets Read Faces

Here are some interesting tips on analysing a persons face and knowing some facts just by looking at his face.
so here it goes....

Deep set eyes show serious mindedness
People with this trait take life and work very seriously & do their job well.

Development of small mounds above each side of the inner eyebrow indicates that the person gets concerned about every detail.

The vertical furrow between the eyebrows represents the need for being exact and accurate.
Tolerance of an individual is indicated by the distance between the eyes.

Small ears signify that the person is intelligent, but very small ears indicate his miserly nature. Big hairy ears give longevity to the person.
People having thick ears possess good leadership skills. Poverty is indicated for people with thin ears. Entrepreneurial skills are shown by the straightness of the outside rim of the ear.
People with conch-like ears get a high post in the military.
Long spread-out ears show the cruel nature of a person. Hair on a woman's ear indicates that she might be widowed in her life.

People with a parrot-like nose are always happy in life. Skepticism is indicated by a turned down nose.
Small nostrils brings luck to the person. Small nose shows the person's saintly nature.
Those with a pointed nose live life like a king. Self-reliance is indicated by how much the nostril flares out from the nose.
People with a large flare are highly self-reliant.
A nose slightly bent in the front is good for a person's financial well-being. A tilt towards the right side makes the person weak.
Administrative skills are indicated by the straight or hooked convex nose.

Plump cheeks are always good for the person's well-being whereas hollow cheeks bring sadness in his/her life.
Protruding cheek bones make the person highly adventurous.
Women with dimples in their cheeks are quite materialistic & moody.

Small mouth is considered good and favourable.
Wide mouth invites poverty and makes the person unlucky.

Red lips make the person rich while the pink lips make him/her intelligent.
Generosity is indicated by the size of the lower lip. The larger the lip, the greater the generosity.
Pride in personal appearance is indicated by the shortness of the upper lip. The shorter it is, the stronger the need for a good appearance.
If the lips from the side profile can be clearly viewed, the person is very impulsive.
Person having thin, soft & reddish lips is very clever and intelligent.
If the lower lip of a woman is bent upwards, it indicates separation from her husband & the likelihood of her being widowed.

The authoritative trait is indicated by the width of the jaw.
A wide jaw line is indicative of an individual who is authoritative, whereas a short jaw line indicates a person who is submissive.
People whose jaw looks wedge-shaped automatically resist under pressure.

Teeth bent inward indicate poor financial condition of the person.
Persons having gaps in between their teeth live and enjoy on other people's money.
People with more teeth in their lower jaw don't get much happiness from their mother
. Person with 30 or less teeth always gets worried due to lack of money.
The person having 31 teeth is a sufferer while the one with 32 teeth is lucky.

A person with a smiling face always keeps progressing in his/her life.
People who shake their head & shoulders while laughing are sinful sufferers and the ones who close their eyes during the process are non-religious.
A person, who smiles without showing his teeth, is the best.
If a woman gets dimple on her cheek while laughing, it reveals the possibility of her having an extra-marital affair. White tongue indicates a wicked person.

People with a long tongue are straight-forward while those with a wide one are spend-thrift. Person having a thick yellow tongue of uniform width is foolish.
Anyone who is able to touch his nose by tongue is a top-class meditator.
People having reddish front portion of their chin are unlucky in their life.

Round chin makes the person rich while a long thin chin brings poverty on him.
High tenacity is indicated by a protruding chin, whereas low tenacity is indicated by a receding chin.

Long flat neck makes the person sad while a short neck makes the person lucky.
People with a slightly bent neck are back-biters.
A strong & round neck indicates a person's financial stability whereas a lean & bony neck indicates poverty.

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