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Make Your Lips Look More Balanced

Who in this world does not wish for that perfect shape of the lips? But each one of us is not that lucky to have them and even slight imperfections of our lips cause great distress to us. Never mind, this little problem could be solved very easily. What you need to do is just know the right way to create great-looking lips in no time. Here we are with the tips to help you give your lips that balanced and beautiful shape.

Big Lips: For the big lips you should use muted colors such as purples, browns and bronzes.

Small Lips:

* In case of small lips in order to balance the uneven shape of lips you should use a light shade of lipstick.
* To make your lips look fuller, line the lips with a lip pencil and then blend the edges with a sponge applicator.
* If you want to make lips appear smaller, use concealer over natural lip line. Line just inside natural lip line. Fill in new lip shape with lipstick.

Thin Lips:

* You should draw lip outline with a neutral-colored lip pencil slightly beyond the lip area. Then only apply the lipstick.
* You should apply a little white shadow on center of the lips over lipstick and then spread slightly.
* You should avoid applying very dark shades of lipstick as it makes the lips look even thinner.
* If one lip is thinner and you want to make lips appear balanced, outline thinner lip just outside natural lip line.

Fuller Lips:

* For the fuller lips you should spotlight lip-gloss right in the center of your lips.
* The fuller lips really do not need lip liner. But if you like to have those looks then soften edge with your finger.
* The fuller lips should not wear any lip color that is too glossy or shiny.
* If you want to make lips appear fuller outline lips just outside natural lip line. Fill in lips with pencil lipstick.
* Line fuller lips along natural lip line. Fill in new lip shape with lipstick.

Luscious Lips:

* Give the finishing touch to your makeup with luscious, brightly colored lips.
* Why to hesitate for selecting the shades such as red, pink, orange and even silver to apply on your lips.
* Shine and shimmer your lips with various glosses in addition to some wild color.
* You should keep your stick on your lips by applying gloss over them or using long-lasting lipsticks.
* You should go light on eye makeup to attract attention to your wild lips.

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