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Meet Your Right Mate Through Feng Shui

You can find your mate the Feng Shui way by making your room cosy with the right lighting or prettying up the bed with bright colours

Having a hard time finding the right life partner Heres how you can do it the Feng Shui way:

1. Do not surround yourself with photos , paintings and sculptures of solitary figures. Instead, look around to put up pictures of happy couples. This will make you more receptive to love.

2. Since its love youre looking for, opt for cosy and intimate seating arrangements like love seats and cosy sofas in your room. Get rid of single chairs.

3. Unplug the television and keep it out of the bedroom. For all those who have trouble falling asleep, try reading romantic novels or listening to soft love songs.

4. Make your bed beautiful with some comfy pillows, soft blankets and eyecatching sheets.

5. Leave some empty hangers in the closet and keep an extra toothbrush in the bathroom. Showing that youre willing to share your space with someone special will make your romantic prospects soar.

6. Arrange your bed in a way that there is enough space to walk on either side.

7. Use the front door of your home as a reference point, as the far right corner of your home represents relationships . Keep this area intimate and inviting. A love seat teamed well with good lighting could be ideal for this cosy chill-out zone.

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