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Ten Major Rivers of the World

1. The Nile

Length: 6,825 kilometers

The Nile is the longest river in the whole world, and it goes from East Africa to the Mediterranean. It has undergone change in location and in size over the years. It flows through much of Egypt, and has formed a deep, wide gorge in the desert plataeu. The Nile has been exploited for its resources for thousands of years, way back in Pharaonic times.

2. The Amazon

Length: 6,437 kilometers

The Amazon has the highest amount of water flowing down it, and is the widest river in the world. It collects water from almost half of all of South America’s landmass. It is widest during the wet season. Thousands of unique species live around the Amazon, such as Jaguars, piranhas, and countless plants and insects.

3. Chang Jiang (Yangtze)

Length: 6,380 kilometers

This is the largest and longest river in Asia and China. It originates in the Tanggula Mountain Chain in Tibet. It flows through Shanghai, and empties into the East China Sea. It is named the golden watercourse.

4. Mississippi

Length: 5,971 kilometers

The Mississippi flows from Northwestern Minnesota into the Gulf of Mexico. Its drainage collects from the Appalachian and the Rocky Mountains. It is the chief navigable water route in America. If you’re interested in this body of water, you should check out Mark Twain’s Life on the Mississippi.

5. Yenisey-Angara

Length: 5,536 kilometers

This is the longest river that flows into the Arctic Ocean. It starts in Mongolia and flows through Siberia. It passes through many sparsely populated territories.

6. Huang He (Yellow)

Length: 5,464 kilometers

The Yellow River originates in the western Yagradagze mountains in China, and flows all throughout many regions of the country. It is the most silt-infested river in the world. It is called the Yellow River because it is so muddy that it looks yellow.

7. Ob-Irtysh

Length: 5,410 kilometers

This river starts at the Biya and Katun river confluence, in the Altai Mountains. It flows throughout Siberia and terminates in the Gulf of Ob. It is frozen for five to six months of the year, and has unfortunately taken damage from nuclear waste.

8. Amur

Length: 4,416

This river forms the border between Far Eastern Russia and North Eastern China. It is an important political marker between the two countries. Its source is the Khentii Mountains of Mongolia, and its mouth is in the Pacific Ocean.

9. Lena

Length: 4,400 kilometers

This river is located in Siberia. It begins at Lake Baykal, and terminates at the Arctic Ocean. It is frozen for most of the year, but hosts many different fish and birds for the unfrozen months.

10. Congo

Length: 4,370 kilometers

The Congo River is Africa’s most powerful river, and second most voluminous of the world. It is surrounded by jungle and mystery. It is known in the Western world from the Joseph Conrad novel, Heart of Darkness.

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