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Top 10 Tips To Reduce Redness On Your Cheeks

Redness on the cheeks can often be uncomfortable and often embarrassing. Some people are born with a 'peaches and cream' complexion which means that their natural skin tone contrasts heavily with the blood vessels in the face - causing a more prominent redness.

However, there are plenty of ways to avoid or significantly reduce the redness on your cheeks by following these 10 simple yet effective tips.

They work because I tried them all myself and many people who I have spoken to who also suffer from facial redness have also tried these techniques out and would agree.

1. Exercise daily for at least 30 mins Exercise is a proven method to regulate the blood pressure and flow in our bodies along with a reduction in stress levels which can also lead to aggravated redness in the cheeks. It also helps to eliminate excess unused energy which can also trigger blushing and facial redness.

2. Drink plenty of water This works for me, it helps to keep the general body temperature down and is something anxiety sufferers are told to do as part of their recovery plan. Try to drink at least a few pints a day or more if you can. I know it's not glamorous but hey, it really does help.

3. Hypnotherapy Hypnotherapy is a really good way to relax and control our body and mind in one. If you can train your mind and body to act and react in an appropriate way, you will certainly notice a reduction in the severity of blushing, redness and even sweating among many other similar problems.
4. Relaxation in general Giving you time to relax each day will work wonders for your blood pressure, stress levels and general health. Having a generally red face doesn't mean you are unhealthy but if you find that your redness comes and goes often it could be a sign that your body isn't happy with the way you're driving it. Try it.

5. Reduce stress Again, reducing stress via all the previous points can be detrimental to the reduction of redness in your face, the anxiety that surrounds it and the likelihood that it will continue to get worse.

6. Cosmetics Whilst working all of the above points into your life 9and it will take time for them to become habitual) you could try using some good cosmetics to help cover the redness until you feel more comfortable in public places etc. There are some good cosmetics, and there are some bad ones. Visit Facial Redness for more details on which ones work the best for your money.

7. Avoid hot or spicy foods Its almost common sense that hot drinks or hot and spicy food can trigger a red face and a heavy sweat for a huge number of people. Try to avoid extremities here but don't sacrifice the things you love just because your cheeks have a tendency to go red once in a while!

8. Avoid caffeine Caffeine is a terrible cause of facial flushing and redness in general around the face. Try to cut it out as much as possible as it literally dehydrates your body and the tiredness as a result can cause redness, flushing and hot flashes.

9. Don't smoke Similar to caffeine, cigarettes dehydrate the body and have the very same side effects. Drink more water if giving up smoking is difficult but obviously do make an effort to give up smoking whenever you can.

10. Don't become self conscious The worst thing you can do is start to worry about the way your face looks. I accept that you may want to reduce the severity of the redness but don't let it stop you from living the life you deserve.

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