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Breast Tattoos for Women

Breast tattoos are different from chest tattoos, since many tattoo designers only consider tattoos put directly upon a woman's tit to be a breast tattoo, yes! Although a man can get a tattoo in the same general location, it's typically still called a chest tattoo. There are several things to consider before getting a breast tattoo.

When women put arts on their tits, it will not only make them look cool but it will make them look amazing! But it is not typical for a woman to have a breast tattoo considering the health issues and the pain of having it. But this marvelous art could truly add beauty to their breast if done properly and the design matches perfectly the woman's breast.

Here are some breast tattoos that truly will amaze you!

Flowering your Breast

simple under art on the breast gives an elegant style!

Full blown tattoo on the breast, awesome!


Wonderful tattoo on the sides makes her look seductive and Gothic!

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