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HOW TO : Choose A Secure And Strong Password?

These days, we are spending more and more time online and all of us are having various accounts on different types of web-services like email, social networking sites, business etc. For all these , we use login details and passwords. One of the major concern for the online community is about the privacy and the security of their online accounts on websites. For this, it is very important to have a strong password. Having a strong password helps in the security of your online. But people do not know that if their passwords are strong enough or not? Now there is the solution for that.

HowSecureIsMyPassword.net is providing the service to check how strong is your password. Its really simple. All you have to do is to type your password in the box given on the site and it will show that how much time it will take to crack the password? By this way, you can select a password which is strong to crack.

HowSecureIsMyPassword.net uses some simple maths to work out how long it would take a regular desktop PC to crack your password. This website also offers loads of useful information like :-

* Basic Password Guidelines
* Things to avoid in a password
* Which passwords can be Bad
* Choosing, Changing, Protecting and Remembering your password
* Examples for bad and good passwords
* How would a potential hacker get hold of my password anyway?

So, just visit the HowSecureIsMyPassword.net and find that how secure is your passwords?

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