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Mind in a Hurry

Narada, a messenger between earth and heaven, a mythological figure, was going to heaven. He is just like a postman; he goes up and down continuously, bringing messages from above, bringing messages from down. He continues his work. He was going to heaven and just he passed one very, very old monk sitting under a tree with his mala, his beads, chanting the name of Rama. He looked at Narada and said, "Where are you going? Are you going to heaven? Then do me a favor. Ask God how much more I have to wait" -- even in the very question, the impatience is there -- "and remind him also," said the old monk, "that for three lives I have been doing meditation and austerities, and everything that can be done I have done, there is a limit to everything." A demand, expectation, impatience... Narada said, "I am going and I will ask."

And just by the side of the old monk, under another tree there is a young man dancing and singing the name of God. Just as a joke Narada asked the young man, "Would you also like that I should ask about you, how much time it will take?" But the young man was so much in his ecstasy that he didn't bother, he didn't answer.

Then after few days, Narada came back. He told the old man that "I asked God, and he laughed and he said, 'At least three lives more."" The old man threw his mala and said, "This is injustice! And whosoever says God is just is wrong!" He was very angry. Then Narada went to the young man who was still dancing and said, "Even if you have not asked, I asked, but I am afraid to tell you now, because that old man has got into such an anger he would have even hit me." But the young man was still dancing, not interested. Narada told him that "I asked him, and God said that tell that young man that he should count the leaves of the tree under which he is dancing; the same number he will have to be born again before he attains.' " The young man listened, went into such ecstasy, laughed and jumped and celebrated. He said, "So soon? Because the earth is full of trees, millions and millions. And just these leaves, and the same number? So soon? God is infinite compassion, and I am not worthy of it! -- and it is said immediately he attained. That very moment the body fell. That very moment he became enlightened.

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