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Transplanting Roses

You will have your own reasons for transplanting roses and relocating them, and as long as you follow a few simple rules, all should go well.

Proceed with caution. Thorns! Wear sturdy gloves, you do not want to drop your gorgeous rose and damage it, think of the plant above yourself.


Water the plant well the night before the relocation. One of the main reasons for this is that you will not be able to remove the whole root system intact; a healthy rose plant will have deep roots. You will leave at least a small part of these roots behind. This is not a problem if watered well. Mark the plant on its trunk just where the grown level is so you know what depth to go to with the new hole.


Prepare the new location before removing from the original one. Dig a hole at least 12 – 18 inches wide and deep. However, this is only a rough guide, if you have a large plant increase the size accordingly. Prepare an area nearby where you can rest your rose without it getting damaged before re-planting. This is extremely important as the size of the rose will rarely be accurate at this stage, so offer the rose up to the hole and see what adjustments need to be made.

Now remove some of the soil from where the plant was and create a small mound at the bottom of the new hole you've dug. To judge the size of mound and hole, simply place the rose plant on the mound and a stick across the top of the hole. When the mark you made earlier on the trunk matches the level you're there.


Spread the roots around the mound evenly and then fill the hole in with as much of the soil taken from where the plant was originally, making sure to layer it. Simply place a layer of soil, then water, repeating this action until you reach the level required. Now using the rest of the soil, (from the old or new hole), create a mound approximately 18 inches around the plant. This is a wonderful little trick that directs water more directly to the roots.

Water the plant well for the first day and then continue with your normal routine

Transplanting From Container To Ground

This is possible but tricky. It has to be done in its dormant period, before any digging prune it hard, prune it back by two thirds. Then water well for three days, perform the transplant on the fourth day using the advice above, making sure to remove any fibrous or tangled roots. Shield from harsh sunlight for several weeks.

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