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Woven-Ribbon Vase

Striped ribbons are artfully woven up the sides of the vase, giving a light and airy feel to the arrangement.

What You Need:

* A plain vase
* 12 lengths of 5/8-inch-wide striped ribbon
* 1 1/2-inch-wide solid ribbon
* Assortment of flowers
* Hot-glue gun
* Dry foam
* Spanish moss
* Greening pins
* Wooden wired picks
* Scissors


1. Measure your container and add 11/2 inches to the measurement. Cut 12 lengths of 5/8-inch-wide ribbon. Using a hot-glue gun, attach three vertical ribbons to one side of the bottom and top of the container. Continue on the remaining three sides. Allow the glue to cool. Weave coordinating ribbon horizontally through and around the container. Cut and glue the woven ribbon, overlapping the ends to secure. Do not pre-cut the horizontal ribbons. The lengths will vary.

2. Make a 6-loop bow from a coordinating 11/2-inch-wide ribbon. Leave ample length for the tails. Hot glue the bow to one corner of the container and wrap the tails loosely to the opposite bottom corner of the container. Make a smaller 3-loop bow and glue it to the container.

3. Fill the container with dry foam. Cover the dry foam with Spanish moss and secure with greening pins. Cut the stems of three dominant flowers to 4 inches and push them into the dry foam to establish the shape of the arrangement.

4. Cut the stems of the secondary flowers. Insert the smaller flowers, allowing them to fall over the edge of the container in free form. Continue to place the secondary flowers between the dominant flowers.

5. Add small 3-inch pieces of greenery to the top of the arrangement. Cut filler flowers, attach them to 3-inch wooden wired picks, and insert into the arrangement, letting them remain longer to create a loose, airy feeling.

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