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Baby Shower Decoration

Baby shower party is a way to announce to the world that a woman is soon going to be a mother. It is a wonderful opportunity for the expectant mother to chill out with her family members, close relatives and friends and feel cheerful for going to give birth to a life, growing in her womb. When it comes to party, the decorations of the venue play an important part in setting the right mood for the occasion. The decorative items should create the perfect ambience for the venue, boost up the party spirits in everybody present there and amuse the expectant mother for making her feel important and wanted. Here in this article, we have provided some nice ideas for decorations, which will make your baby shower party a hit in your locality.

Baby Shower Party Decoration Ideas

* Soft pastel shades would be the best bet, as far as the color scheme for the decorations of baby shower party is concerned. This is because, irrespective of the gender, pastel shades suit both baby boy and baby girl. You may choose the shades of pink, light green, yellow and light blue for the decorative items of the venue.

* Welcome your party guests by putting up a banner reading "Baby Shower" in big bold letters, at the entranceway. You may adorn the banner with bunches of pink or sky blue balloons around it.

* Centerpiece is one of the most prominent decorative items that instantly draw everybody's attention to it. Diaper cake serves as nice centerpiece for baby shower parties. Adorn the diaper cake with a soft plush toy, to complete the look.

* You may use of a baby stroller, a walker or a cute bathing tub for making a homemade centerpiece. Fill the walker/stroller/bathing tub up with candies and chocolates to give rise to a beautiful centerpiece.

* Place cute candles in pink and blue around the room. Scented candles would be the best bet. However, ensure that the aroma of the candles is not too strong, because it may choke the expectant mother.

* To add flair to the decorations of the baby shower party, make use of decorative pastel clothespins. You may string the colorful clothespins across the room, to add the 'baby charm' to the venue.

* Baby shower themed items (related to the infant) including pacifiers, baby socks, bonnets can be pinned alongside the clothespins. Diapers with letter on each of them spelling out 'baby shower' can make an attractive decorative piece for the room.

* An inexpensive way to decorate the venue is to use baby bottle. Poke a straw through the nipple of the baby bottle. Now, wrap a satin ribbon around it. You may place this decorative item on the table or alongside the centerpiece.

* Lots of balloons and streamers would help set the perfect atmosphere for the baby shower party venue. You may choose a single color for the balloons or assort them in combination of two colors, say, blue and white, pink and white.

* To put best use of the colorful streamers, use them to decorate a baby umbrella. Hang the streamers inside and over the side of the baby umbrella. Now, suspend the decorated umbrella over the gift or food table, for an attractive accent piece. Adorn the top of the umbrella with bunches of colorful satin ribbons to complete the look.

* Flowers symbolize beauty, life, freshness and hope. Hence, they fit perfectly into a baby shower party. You may choose pink or blue flowers to decorate the venue. Roses and orchids are best bet for decorating the room.

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