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Baby Shower Party Invitation

On a baby shower party, the expectant mother would be glad to have her family and friends nearby, to rejoice her ecstatic thought of having a baby in the near future. It not only announces the ritual related to the expectant mother, but also happiness to have a new entrant into the family. If you are given the responsibility of throwing an enthralling baby shower party for the expectant mother, then make sure that you send out beautiful invitations to her close friends and acquaintance. The baby shower party invitation should be able to convey clearly what you want to say to the people you invite. In this article, we have given some ideas for baby shower party invitation.

Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

* Many kinds of invitations are available in the market these days. A faster way to get invitation cards is by searching the Internet and downloading readymade invitations. You can personalize the messages and get the wordings according to your desire.

* The traditional way of inviting people to a baby shower party is to send them invitation cards, via mail or deliver them in person. There are numerous layout and designs of baby shower invitation cards available in the Internet.

* Another great invitation idea is a photo invitation. You may click the photograph of the expectant mother and print it on the invitation card, along with the message regarding the occasion.

* If you have chosen a theme for the party, then make sure that the invitation you choose reflects the theme. However, even if you haven't selected any theme for the party, you may include illustrations, such as, cartoon characters, the design of baby bottles, pictures of infants, plastic toys, cradle etc, in the invitation card.

* Start with a catchy line for the baby shower. It may be a slogan, regarding the party, or a creative line based on it. This shall be followed by the name of the expectant mother, date, time and venue. RSVP details shall include the name of the host, his/her contact details including address, e-mail id and phone number.

* You may also provide the route map for the party venue in the invitation, in case anybody in your acquaintance hasn't been to the place before.

* In case you have chosen a theme for the party, do not forget to mention the same, in your invitation. While dress codes are rarely chosen for the baby shower theme, you can always choose a particular outfit to be worn by your guests, in case you want the celebrations to be a bit different.

* You may invite your close friends and acquaintance over the phone or via SMS. This applies to last moment invitation, when you have lost the postal address of the person or when you are not able to send the invitation card via post.

* Traditionally, baby shower party is a 'ladies only affair'. However, in the present time, both men and children are invited as well. If you want to follow the tradition, do not forget to mention it in your invitation.

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