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First Date Tips


Your red blushed face clearly indicates that you have already got a green signal from your beloved and have planned to go for the first date. Though a little nervous as you seem, yet you want to leave a good impression on him/ her to open the doors for further meetings. It has definitely become a matter of reputation and you must be wondering of some Jeannie on the day to make it right for you. Well, we are not supplying Jeannie here (we want them too) but we will help you in sweeping your lady love of her off her feet or leave the right impression on his heart, by following some simple dating guidelines that will keep you in the good books of your date. So keep your fingers crossed for the best and have a look at these guidelines given below for the perfect first date.

First Date Advice

* Keep in mind that the rules of the road have changed altogether. You can’t impress your beloved by being extra sweet as it will seem like a mask you are wearing. Be natural, and most importantly, be what you are but with etiquettes.

* Speak your mind out and honestly tell your date what kind of a relation you are looking forward to- a fun or a serious relationship. You will be appreciated for the same and there will be no room for wrong ideas or misunderstandings between you.

* Decide how much you are willing to say about yourself. Maintain a balance between being too cold and too revealing.

* Arranging your first date is very crucial. You owe a responsibility and it is up to you to make sure that your date feels comfortable. It shows that you are dependable and responsible.

* Just take it slow and don't rush into things that you might end up regretting later. Respect the other person's privacy and avoid things that might make him/her feel forced or uncomfortable.

* Do not forget to take some small gift like flowers, chocolates, etc. It shows that you genuinely value the time you spend with the other person. It will open avenues for further dates with that person.

* Look your best on the first date but don’t overdo it as it will only end up making you a street clown. Try wearing up something that will give you a million bucks confidence or choose a dress that you have been overpowered with compliments before. Don’t be over glossy.

* Escorting the lady isn’t the same as it used to be yet a little courtesy is still alive. It will spark your magnetism and ability to protect and nurture. Don’t try hard to impress, just be a good guy who knows the way to treat a lady.

* Show your kind gesture by paying for the date and it implies to girls as well. This will depict that you (girls) don’t want to feel obligated to him in any shape or form.

* Toss out a genuine compliment to the lady. It can be anything between her outfit to the smile but don’t compliment below the neck as no woman wants to know how you have checked her nether regions.

* Lastly thank the other person for the wonderful evening and the time spent.

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