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Rose Day : Meanings of Roses (By Colours)

The roses are found in different colors and each of them deliver a very different message from you, learn all these so you may deliver your message in best manner.

Meaning Of Roses (By Color)

Red Roses:

http://kuchkhaashai.blogspot.com/Red is well known to mean love, passion and romance. But it can also be symbolic of beauty and courage. The difference in the meaning of color can lie in the particular shade of red used. An amranth red is said to be symbolic of long standing desire, while cardinal red is a more sublime desire. Burgundy roses means unconscious beauty. Fiery red speaks of the flames of passion. But avoid carmine, which is said to be symbolic of a deceitful desire.

White Roses :

http://kuchkhaashai.blogspot.com/ White is symbolic of purity and innocence, and so is often also associated with youth. You can also use white roses to represent pure emotions like loyalty, reverence, humility, sincerity and unity. White bridal roses represent a happy pure love. The sense of purity is also sometimes associated with other-wordly purity and so is often a component of tribute flower arrangements.

Pink Roses :

Pink is the flower for sweet happy thoughts and is most often used to symbolize gratitude and appreciation, particularly for deep pink roses. It can also be used to describe a gentle love or admiration. There is a light heartedness and grace to giving light pink roses that adds a note of elegance and gentility.Joyfulness, Sweetness (all by soft pink) Admiration (medium pink),
Appreciation (deep pink).

Yellow Roses :

Every sunny emotion is associated with yellow -- joy, happiness, gladness, friendship, freedom and delight. They are the perfect gift between friends or to celebrate a joyous occasion. For long term relationships, they speak of great bonding and happiness. It's also a good choice as a Get Well gift, as it's bound to add a note of sunshine to any environment. There's no better way to brighten someone's day!

Purple Roses :

The meaning of the color purple is almost always associated with royalty, so purple roses add a note of opulence and majesty to any occasion. It will enhance and magnify the glory of love. What a magnificent way to say I Love You!

http://kuchkhaashai.blogspot.com/Peach Roses :
It is used to say Miss You, Thanks, Gratitude, Modesty, Sincerity, Appreciation.

Orange Rose :

The giving of orange rose symbolises Enthusiasm, Desire, Excitement, Passion.

Blue Roses :


Blue, the relaxing color of blue gives cool and calming atmosphere. Blue symbolizes peace and it also implies importance and confidence. Because of its rarerity blue rose are mysterious, meaning impossible or unattainable .

And by the way....

Remember that the symbolic meaning of color may vary between different cultures. We've chosen to highlight the symbolic meaning of color as most commonly used in western cultures. And remember always that the joy of a gift of beauty is always appreciated.

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