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Ankle Pain and Swelling

Ankle pain is a common problem faced by many people of different age groups. The most common cause of ankle pain is ankle sprain, which is an injury that is caused to the ligament that connects bones with each other. Most of the times, the cause of ankle sprain is twisted ankle that causes tearing of the ligament. Tearing of the ligament makes ankle precarious. Tearing of the ligament is also one of the prime reasons behind ankle pain and swelling, that creates several difficulties in the routine a healthy person.

Ankle pain and swelling usually lasts for a few days and will certainly take more than 2-3 weeks to get completely healed. It also happens so, that the injured ankle remains weaker and prone to several other injuries and fractures in the coming future. Is tearing of ligament the only reason behind ankle pain and swelling? Well, definitely not. There are many other reasons that can cause ankle pain and swelling. There are several other parts of ankle like tendons, cartilages and blood vessels that can get damages due to one reason or the other.

Causes of Ankle Pain and Swelling
Ankle pain and swelling caused by it is nothing but accumulation of the surrounding tissues of the ankle or the fluid within the ankle. Here are the common causes of ankle pain and swelling, that do vary in degree of severity.

Sudden blow and a traumatic injury caused to the ankle due to broken ankle, ankle sprain, stress fractures around the ankle joint, twisted ankle, ruptured blood vessel etc can cause ankle pain and swelling. These traumatic injuries cause excessive blood circulation in the ankle region just to accelerate the healing process. This procedure causes ankle pain and swelling with redness.

Peripheral Edema
Peripheral edema is also a problem that is related with the blood circulation within the ankle region. This problem is present in both the legs at a time and not any single one, so, this can be the cause of ankle pain and swelling in both the legs. Lower extremity peripheral edema can be due to aging of blood vessels, and conditions that can put stress on the veins, like obesity, pregnancy, varicose veins, etc. Read on

Ankle Arthritis
Arthritis of ankle is a rare disease that can cause pain and swelling in ankle. Ankle arthritis is very painful and causes foot pain and ankle swelling symptoms. People already suffering with diseases like rheumatic arthritis are prone to get affected with ankle arthritis and in a way ankle pain and swelling as well. Ankle arthritis is also seen in the people who had a history of injuries to the ankle joint are also seen affected with ankle arthritis.

Gout is a medical condition that is causes due to excessive assemblage of uric acid crystals in the ankle region. Uric acid is a byproduct of digestion process that transports the waste material. People suffering with gout get abnormal accumulation of uric acid crystals in various joints of the body. When they are accumulated in the ankle region, can lead to ankle pain and swelling.

Vascular Obstruction
There can be numerous problems that can create problem in the proper blood circulation within the ankle region. Common most causes of vascular obstruction are blood clot, that can appear in one of the legs, causing ankle pain and swelling. If neglected the initial symptoms, this ankle swelling can further aggravate throughout the leg as well.

Ankle Infection
Ankle infections are again the common most reasons behind ankle pain and swelling. Infections occurred to the soft tissues of the ankle that are also known as cellulitis or infections caused to the septic joint can cause ankle pain and swelling. Ankle infections can be treated with proper medications, but complicated cases may demand respective surgeries to evade the problem of ankle pain and swelling.

Other Causes of Ankle Pain
Swollen ankle in women needs a special focus of attention as they face the problem of ankle pain and swelling more often than the men. Menstruation and pregnancy are the two things that can cause ankle pain and swelling in women. Ankle pain and swelling to a smaller extent is common during pregnancy but larger degrees can never be neglected as they can be the symptoms of a medical condition called as pre-eclampsia. Other contributing causes for ankle pain and swelling are congestive heart failure, chronic liver disease called as cirrhosis, scleroderma, bug bites, insect stings, inappropriate footwear, poor nutritional diet and prolonged standing posture etc.

Treatment for Ankle Pain and Swelling
There are several home remedies that can be suggested for ankle pain and swelling. Resting the foot that has ankle pain and swelling is the best thing that a person can do. Provide the ankle a good support and do not move it too much. To get rid of ankle swelling, put the leg in elevated position, at level above the heart, especially while sleeping. Try ice therapy, apply ice pack on the swelling for 10-15 minutes for each half hour. Continue this process for 2 more days.

If the swelling still persists, go see the nearest health care provider and get the reason behind ankle sprain and swelling evaluated. The health care provider will examine the ankle, take x-rays if necessary and give the appropriate medications to accelerate the recovery process. Following the instructions of the doctor, like mild exercises (if suggested by the doctor), healthy diet and the prescribed medications etc. will certainly prove to be a great help in recovery process of ankle pain and swelling.

This concludes the article about 'ankle pain and swelling'. I hope you got all the information you were looking for. Take care and stay healthy!

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