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Some people use photography as a hobby, some to just capture the best moments in life, whereas others consider it as a serious full-time profession. It is apparent that the photography industry is advancing; with a lot many complex types of cameras, lenses, and technologies being introduced. Due to this, potential camera buyers get confused as to which camera brand, model, and type is most appropriate for their needs. When it comes to buying a good camera, many people get confused regarding the best camera brand. Read on to understand more about choosing the most suitable from the top camera brands.

Choosing from the Best Camera Brands

If you are thinking about buying a camera, you have a wide range of choices regarding the best camera brands. Note that because every brand has its reputation, quality of products, and features, it cannot be concluded that just one brand is the best of all. For example, in the field of digital SLR cameras Nikon is most preferred, whereas in compact cameras, Sony or Canon is more popular. Therefore, every brand is best in its class of usability. In the following, we are going to discuss some of the best camera brands to buy.

What are the Best Camera Brands in the World?

Nikon is considered to be one of the best brands for DSLR camera and accessories. It offers the D-series DSLR cameras, the Coolpix series point and shoot cameras, and the professional 'Nikonos' which is a series of underwater film cameras. Along with cameras and photography accessories, Nikon also produces precision equipment that is used in microscopes and binoculars. This brand has products for people with any photography requirement.

Canon has a product offering that is suitable for beginner photography enthusiasts as well as well established and famous photographers. Considering the range of products Canon offers, it stands strong in the market share of the photography industry. Its EOS series centers on the DSLR cameras for beginners and professionals. The PowerShot range of cameras are intended for home or vacation photography use. Canon also manufactures binoculars, projectors, scanners, fax equipment, printers, and other electronics appliances.

Sony is looked upon as a camera brand that has the best digital cameras, with the latest functions and sleek styling. It is one of the first companies to use the touchscreen technology in cameras. The quality of its cameras is backed up by reliable Carl Zeiss camera lenses. The Sony Alpha is a range of DSLRs, whereas a wide range of compact cameras are offered in the Cyber-shot series. However, DSLRs manufactured by Sony are not considered a better option to those from Nikon and Canon. On the plus side, Sony digital camcorders are no doubt the best.

This is also one of the best digital camera brands present in the market. Its point and shoot models cater to a wide range of public with different digital photography tastes. A fact is that Olympus is the inventor of the 'Four-Thirds System' which is used almost in all DSLRs. Cameras in the FE Series are very inexpensive and have good picture quality with all necessary features. Professional photographers should consider buying from the E-system series which mostly are high-end DSLR cameras. On the other hand, the 'Tough' series includes those with features such as shock and waterproof, suitable for unfavorable conditions.

These are just some of the best camera brands (2010). There are many others such as Panasonic with its Lumix brand, Casio with Exilim brand, Kodak, Pentax, Samsung, etc. It is really difficult to clearly explain which brand may suit you well as the features, functions, and price may differ from brand to brand.

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