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Different Types of Bed

When we enter into someone's bedroom, the first thing that catches our attention is, undoubtedly, the bed. In fact, it is the focus of the bedroom. Moreover, the Decor of the bedroom also depends upon the type of the bed, apart from its positioning, color, design and size. You can create a lot of difference to the Decor of your bedroom, by choosing the right size and type of the bed that fits perfectly into place. The different types of bed available in today's market are designed to provide you ultimate level of comfort, every time you trudge into your bed.

Apart from giving you the desired level of comfort and coziness, the beds available today, provide you a touch of flair to the Decor of your bedroom, thereby enhancing the appearance of the room. In the present times, the furniture stores are stacked with several types of beds, thus providing you the flexibility to choose as per your personal preferences and the Decor of your bedroom. There is a wide variety of beds to choose from, which cater to the varying needs of people. You can get the traditional range of beds, as well as those that fit into the contemporary home Decor. In this section, we have given information on the various bed types.

Air Bed
In accordance with the change in lifestyle, there have been tremendous changes in the pattern of furniture items being used. The air bed is one such item that suits to the current necessity of portability

Adjustable Bed
The era of large, open, spacious homes are almost gone. Due to lack of space, society comfort, security, budget and many other reasons people feel better to opt for flats within the residential complexes.

Bunk Bed
A bunk bed consists of a set of two or three beds, each one placed on top of the other. It is specially designed with the help of a bed frame. It is best suited for a small bedroom

Bed Buying Tips
In this very tiring life, a comfortable bed is what we all long for. After too much of work and tiredness, we only look for a very relaxed and comfortable night.

Canopy Bed
Canopy bed truly adds class and elegance to the bedroom. Well, if you were of the opinion that creating canopy bed was difficult, you are in for surprise!!

Child Bed
Children of current generation have become very specific about their personal items. Be it toys, clothes or the furniture or ambience of their room, they want to be very trendy in their choice.

Futon Bed
Do you have limited accommodation at your disposal? Are you short of an extra room in your house? If yes, then you would also agree that the shortage is more so felt, when you have a guest at home, for a night stay.

Iron Bed
Market is flooded with varieties of beds. Apart from design and motifs experiments have been done with the raw materials of the bed. Apart from the traditional wooden beds

Loft Bed
Are you looking for some easy ways to style your kid's room, but without compromising on the storage factor? If yes, then you are at the right place.

Murphy Bed
Named after its inventor, William Murphy, Murphy bed is also known as wallbed, or fold away bed. The idea behind designing such a bed was to make provision for more space in the small room.

Platform Bed
Ideal for people, who are fond of spacious and simple rooms, platform beds are those that comprise of raised, flat, hard, horizontal surface, meant to support just a mattress.

Sofa Bed
The latest style in the world of furniture has come in the form of the modern sofa bed. A sofa bed, serving multiple purposes, comes across as a very versatile piece of furniture.

Sleigh Bed
Is your bedroom boringly designed? Are you looking forward to revamp its style and appearance? Do you want to add drama and character and make it look stylish and elegant? If yes, then sleigh beds hold the key for all your answers.

Trundle Bed
Tired of sleeping on the couch, while your two siblings occupy the double bed? If yes, then you would realize that even a double bed falls short, when it comes to three occupants.

Water Bed
When talking about comfortable bed, waterbed is one name that needs to be mentioned in the list. Water beds, once a rare phenomenon, are becoming a common occurrence in homes now-a-days.

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