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Eyeglass Scratch Repair

As our retina and our eye lenses wear out from use, we wear glasses. Sometimes people have to wear glasses for vision correction too. Whatever the reason for wearing glasses, wear and tear is bound to happen. Moreover, going to the optician or eye glasses expert for getting your glasses back in proper shape can be a pocket cruncher. That apart, it might cost you almost the same as replacing the glasses all together in some cases. Keep a close eye on the text to come on eyeglass scratch repair.

How to Repair Eyeglass Scratch

>>Method 1

Scratch #1
Get an etching cream, which will be easily available at home improvement retail chains. After you get that before you start the repair, for safety, wear rubber gloves. The etching solution can be toxic.

Scratch #2
Apply the etching cream (small amount) over your eye glasses and spread it using cotton swabs on the scratches. Spread it on both the sides of the lens where there is a scratch.

Scratch #3
After that rinse the glasses with warm water till all the etching cream is properly washed off. Now you just have to wipe the glasses with a non abrasive towel. Voila! You have got rid of the scratches on your glasses with a type of eyeglass scratch remover.

This method is recommended only for plastic eye glasses, though. It would be better not to use this method on glass lenses as a part of eye care too.

There is another way for fixing eyeglass scratches, by using a substance which fills up the scratches on your glasses without creating a hindrance to your vision. It can be found in the scratch removal kit which you can get at any lifestyle store. Let's check out how to repair the eye glasses using this.

>>Method 2
Scratch #1
To begin with, clean the glasses, or rather the lenses for getting rid of hard dirt or grit. This will ensure that your glasses do not get scratches on account of that. Further, remember that you should avoid holding the glasses on the lenses. Hold the glass on the rim rather than the lens. This will prevent scratches.

Scratch #2
Clean the glasses with a mild detergent by rubbing the soapy water on the lenses in soft and circular motions. Using a soft cotton cloth wipe the glasses. Read more on fake glasses.

Scratch #3
Finally, spray the eyeglass scratch remover on the glasses. Take a clean cotton cloth and wipe that solution over the lenses again in circular motions which are soft. There- you are almost done with glasses scratch repair.

Scratch #4
Once you spread this solution on the scratches, the wax from the eyeglass scratch remover fills in the scratches and it does not affect your vision.

Avoiding Eyeglass Scratches

First and foremost handling your eyeglasses very carefully is necessary. Whenever you don't need them, is it is best to keep them properly in the case. Rinsing eyeglasses regularly with a mild solution of detergent and water too is advisable. Moreover, avoid using paper napkins to wipe the glasses, as the glasses can scratch the glasses. If you are unsure about how to get rid of eyeglass scratch repair, check out the instructions for usage given by the manufacturer.

All in all eyeglass scratch removal is not a very difficult endeavor if the scratches are minor ones. Needless to say if the scratch is a big one, you may have to replace the lens, because the eyeglass scratch repair would not be of any help.

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