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Housewarming Party Favors

While a housewarming party is mostly about new house, great food, perfect ambience and good music one can go a little ahead with added goodies and surprises as well. The best way to thank your loved ones for attending your housewarming party is by giving them housewarming party favors. These need not be very expensive or a very stylish one. Remember, a favor is just a medium of thanking your family and friends for being there to share your happiness. Favors also extend the memories of a party. In case, you are wondering what to give as favor for your housewarming party, look no further. Given here is a list of unique party favors for house warming parties that will surely make your guests feel special.

Unique Housewarming Party Favor Ideas

* One of the unique housewarming favor option would be to go for cutely shaped ice cream scoops. Having utmost utility, these items can be great gift options.

* Corkscrew opener is another great gift choice for housewarming party. The best feature about them is that you can personalize by engraving your initials in it.

* A pair of coffee mugs with personalized messages written on it would be an ideal gift choice for housewarming party favor.

* How about a nice crystal vase? The guests are surely going to be pleasantly surprised, when you gift them an impressive crystal vase as your favor option.

* A house shaped photo frame would be a nice way of thanking your guest for attending the housewarming party. Every time they look at the frame, they would be reminded of the fabulous party you had thrown.

* 'Thank You' stickers qualify, as a good gift option for a house warming party favor. Though you would definitely thank your guest personally, a sticker would add to the feeling of gratitude and thankfulness.

* Believe it or not - one can never go wrong with candles. Get unique gel candles for each of your guest as a housewarming favor. These days, there are innumerable options, when it comes to scented votives.

* Wine glasses are a perfect way to thank your guest for making your housewarming party all the more a blissful experience. The market is flooded with options.

* An impressive wall hanging would be good choice to make as a housewarming party. You can either go for large ones or ones that are small in size.

* Salt and pepper shakers are perfect gifts for a housewarming party. Your guests are surely going to love it besides it would also act as a reminder of the party.

* Accentuate the home of your guest by presenting them an antique keepsake on your housewarming party. This way even they would feel special about the occasion. Also, every time they look at it, they would be reminded of the party you had given.

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