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How To Become Less Shy

Everyone wants to feel included. No one likes being laughed at. But, if you are an introvert, this might be quite a task at a social gathering. The upside to it is—it’s not your fault and there are ways you can help yourself! Getting over shyness is time consuming and takes practice and getting used by opening up to the others. Being shy is a normal fear, but if it is extreme it might be a social phobia that you are facing that might require therapy. The questions to ask yourself are—what are you scared of? Is it that everyone in the room is looking at you? Or you might say the wrong thing and people laugh at you? When you’ve figured this out, have faith that you can overcome this. After all, Kim Basinger, a well known Hollywood actress had a condition of social anxiety and has now become used to the media and society in general. Read about some ways to overcome your shyness.

Ways To Be Less Shy

Be Well Groomed And Interact
The foremost important step is to dress well. People get naturally attracted to well dressers. If you are in a mall, help people around you. If someone has dropped something or a woman is struggling to carry her baby and her bags, offer to help. This automatically makes a first impression. While doing this, make small talk by saying- “Have a nice day” or “Hope you will be fine”. By doing this, you are breaking the barrier between the two of you. Not so hard, is it?

“Practice makes perfect” – this applies to every situation in life. What you should do is stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. You can change the way you stand or the way you make eye contact with the other person. This way you won’t be too scared to talk in public. If you have to give a presentation then try to practice in front of your friend or the mirror first. Then you won’t have to search for words when it comes to the real thing!

Before you go to a social gathering, make sure you know the kind of people you are meeting. Stay updated about the current events happening in the world. Even if you run out of topics and are nervous to say anything stupid, you can converse about the latest events. Even topics such as movies and TV shows are welcome.

Learn to control your breathing. Some people, who suffer from anxiety and nervousness, usually hyperventilate and lose their confidence. The best way to do this is calm yourself before entering anywhere taking one deep breath and let it go slowly. To breathe well means to breathe from the diaphragm.

Body Language
Showing you are confident, even if you’re not, is the most important step in overcoming shyness. A good posture, where one needs to stand tall and not slouch is a good start. Always wear a smile and look upright! There’s nothing more attractive than someone who can get away with their body language.

Do Something Out Of The Ordinary
Participate in activities that give you a chance to mingle with other people, plus you have loads of fun doing it. Go clubbing or join a book reading club. Indulge yourself a little bit, go wild and dance the night away, or attend some language classes where you meet people from the same background as you. Karaoke nights are interesting too. All these activities will take your mind away from the fact that you are shy and need help.

In the end, if none of this is working, visit a therapist and he will tell you what you can do. Shyness is not incurable!

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