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How to Clean Camera Lens

Many of us are passionate about photography but maintaining our cameras is something we tend to overlook. Over a period of time, you may have noticed that the pictures from your camera are not as crisp and clear as they used to be. This may be because of dirt, dust and fungus that may have collected on your camera lens. The good news is that you can clean your camera lens yourself, and rid your pictures of those tiny factors that make your picture imperfect. Here are some effective tips on how to clean camera lens.

Camera Cleaning Tips

Learning how to clean camera lens at home will definitely help you maintain your camera for a longer period of time, and achieve sharper and clearer photographs. It is essential to be delicate with your camera as any errors in handling it, can permanently damage it.
  • Dust collected in the camera lens can cause scratches on the lens. Using a soft brush, gently clear the lens of all dust particles.
  • To clean the camera lens, it is important to use a soft material dipped in a lens solution. The best option to do so is a microfiber cloth, with the next best option being a cotton swab. Using any of these with a lens cleaning solution, softly clean the lens. Follow it up by cleaning it with a dry cloth or cotton swab, in a circular motion, to prevent any marks from being left behind.
  • Allow the lens to dry before placing the lens cover or rearranging the lens filter on the camera.
Avoid the use of heavy pressure that can easily damage the lens. The solution to how to clean camera lens filter is simply to dismantle the lens filter and follow the same procedure mentioned above. You will notice the change in the quality of your photographs.

How to Clean Camera Lens Fungus?

Camera lenses can also be infested with various types of fungi. However, it is a myth that, once infested, a camera lens is beyond repair. Lots of people also assume, that by attempting to repair a camera infested by fungus, they run the risk of transferring the infestation to other objects around. However, camera lens infestation by fungi is preventable and curable. There are also waterproof digital cameras that may never face this problem. It is only in some cases, where the fungi is etched on to the coating of the lens, that it is not economically viable to repair the camera or the lens.
  • The first step involved in eliminating camera lens fungus is to dismantle the setup of the lens. This is important in order to assess the damage caused by the fungus. Sometimes the fungus is cemented in between the lens. In such cases, attempting to repair the camera on your own is not a wise option.
  • Most fungi cause little damage to the lens and can be cured by using vinegar that has anti-fungal properties that can effectively clean the lens.
  • Another solution to clear the fungus is to soak the lens for at least an hour in a concoction made of 94% distilled water, 4% clear ammonia and 2% hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is also rich in anti-fungal properties and clears the lens of any fungal spores.
  • In case, you have noticed a mild attack of fungus on your camera lens, firing the lens continuously with an electronic flash gun will clear the fungus temporarily. It will also help eliminate the infestation that may have spread to other inaccessible parts of the camera.
  • A herb called thymol is present in Indian herbs such as thyme and oregano. Placing a sachet of these in the camera kit may prove helpful in eliminating the fungus.
  • Do remember that after performing any kind of cleaning operation, it is imperative that you thoroughly dry the camera, or prepare yourself to welcome another fungal attack.
  • Prevent the occurrence of a fungal infection of the camera lens, by keeping the camera in dry and well-lit places. Fungi love humidity and darkness, and those are exactly the conditions that need to be avoided.
  • Using silica gel sachets in the camera case or kit is an effective way to prevent the growth of fungus in the camera. Also, avoid carrying food and water in the same kit as your camera, a fungal infestation is most likely to take place in the presence of moisture.
All in all, the best answer to how to clean camera lens is simply to prevent it from getting dirty. This way you can preserve your camera for longer and you will be able to click desirable pictures. Nonetheless, even if your camera does get dirty, the above-mentioned tips are sure to help you clean it up and make it as good as new; so click away!

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