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How to Give a Speech

If you have found yourself in a position where you're wondering how to give a speech, then keep in mind the following basic tips on giving a speech.

"I have a dream....." famously said Martin Luther King Jr. in August 1963. He was addressing over 200,000 people in Washington that sunny afternoon, as millions more watched him on television. There has truly been no better display of oratory excellence over the past century. The powers of oration are often overlooked, but if delivered correctly, the effect it can generate can be stupendous. More on famous speeches.

To bedazzle and enrapture your listeners, you must keep in mind, a few tips on giving a speech, and also master various speech reading techniques. How to give a speech is an art that is not acquired overnight, but with the right blend of self-belief and practice, you can more than sufficiently teach yourself how to make a speech. Mastering public speaking techniques is a developmental science.

The key when you're learning how to read a speech, is to make a connection with your audience. Keep in mind, that the listeners are expecting you to make a great speech, and are not expecting you to fail. Being a listener, would you ever wish to hear a speaker ramble on and create a dull atmosphere, with complete indifference towards what the speech is all about? No. Be wise enough to understand that your listeners will expect the same from you. The most important part of how to give a speech, is to give your listeners something to reflect upon, and something to take back with them. Given below are some simple tips on giving a speech.

Know It
Preparation is perfection, no matter what you may undertake in life. This holds especially true when you're learning how to give a speech. The essential part is to know what you're going to say. Don't be rigid, and memorize entire paragraphs, but make a basic outline of your speech, and consistently stick to that. Practice it in advance in front of a mirror or a friend so as to get the gist of how to make a speech. The material of your speech is a crucial part of the speech reading techniques, and how to prepare a body of a speech is something you will soon master. The speech topic you choose can play a very important role. More on speech writing tips. Plan out your wardrobe and look presentable. If the speech is aimed at people of a particular profession, ensure that you have some elementary knowledge about that profession. If you are thinking of using audio-visual aids, check that they are in working order, and that there are no glitches.

Feel it
If you are not passionate about your speech, or don't believe in the topic that you're speaking about, then it will show. One of the first and foremost tips on giving a speech, is that audience can be incredibly perceptive in these matters, and your aloofness will be absolutely transparent. Genuinely feel for the topic you're speaking of, and be passionate about it. This will automatically translate into the delivery of an amazing piece of oratory brilliance.

Share it
The last thing that an audience wants to hear is a robotic speaker that drones on and on, in a mechanical voice that resembles a prerecorded message. Make the session interactive, and constantly quote incidents and anecdotes from real life situations. This keeps their interest alive, and also wards off unwanted sounds of snoring from the listeners, which can prove quite troublesome. How to give a speech that can be effective? Well, you can do it only if you have the audiences' attention all throughout.

Keep these fundamental tips on giving a speech, in mind and there will be no audience that will seem unreachable to you. To appear confident is an easy task, but to overcome any stage fright, and signs of nerves, takes genuine self-confidence. Just believe in yourself, and have faith that you will deliver an absolutely incredible and exquisite speech.

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