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How to Handle Office Politics


Office politics can get really ugly. The worst part is you can't stay completely out of it when you're a part of the office. It has a way of getting into any organisation - a small or big one. Though you try your best to avoid it, you're bound to get into the trap sooner or later. Here's how to deal with office politics when you're caught in the middle.

1. Don't abuse your position.Don't let your position of power go to your head and definitely do not use it to your own advantage. This will only attract brickbats from your colleagues and you are bound to be the centre of office politics.

"While handling your team, avoid using your position to walk over subordinates. Your attitude towards them will fuel office politics," says Adarsh Shetty, an HR consultant.

2. Be a team player.As a team player, you must understand that the company and team come before you.

"You can't be selfish and think only about yourself. Being a team player increases your chances of a promotion and makes you look like a better person," says Kavitha Krishnan, an HR consultant. So though you may have an opinion (and a negative one at that) about every one of your colleagues, put it aside when you are at work.

3. Be professional.You can't burst into a song when a meeting is in progress. Maintain a professional attitude at all the times. It won't help to cry at the drop of a hat either. "If you're viewed as a professional, people know you are there to work and will involve you less in office politics and dirty gossip," says Shetty.

Another tip is to adopt the company culture. So refrain from wearing mini skirts and party make-up to work if you don't want to be the talk of the office.

4. Steer away from gossips.
If you give gossip and expect to get some, you'll be part of office politics. Krishnan says, "Gossip can get malicious if you're the type that asks for it and provides it. You'll lose respect of the people around you. No one talks well of a gossip monger."

5. Keep yourself busy.Stay Idle or bored long enough and you will start gossiping. Keep yourself occupied and away from people who try to involve you in gossip. Shetty says, "If you're occupied and keep to yourself most of the time, no one has a chance to badmouth you. This also keeps you from talking ill about others."

Staying away from office politics helps you maintain good mental health and make your working relationships last. So though you can't eliminate politics from your workplace, you certainly can steer away from it!

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