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New Born Baby Gifts

A new birth in a family is always an occasion of joy and celebration. The best way to usher the new baby and congratulate the proud parents is by taking gifts for the new born baby, when a party is thrown to celebrate his/her arrival. You will find the options are be almost unlimited. In fact, the market is flooded with loads of new born baby gifts and you will really have to rack you brains to decide which one to take and which not. In case you are still looking for new born baby gift ideas, we bring you our selection of some of the most popular options. Go through the following lines and get the best ideas for a new born baby party gift. Now, decide for yourself, as to what are you going to gift the new baby with.

New Born Baby Gift Ideas

* An apparel gift set makes up the most common gift for a new born baby. In terms of color, you can choose pink for girls and blue for boys.

* Baby bath/shower set, which consists of soaps, shampoos and water toys, can also be gifted to a newly born baby.

* Baby care collection set, including body oil, shampoo, soft combing brush and powder, is a very useful gift for the baby as well as the mother.

* Hand knitted sweaters in soothing colors, with some teddy designs or some cute quotes written on them; will be another good option.

* Hats, socks and mittens in cute colors can also be gifted in a new born baby party. You can purchase them or even choose to make them yourself.

* Stuff toys are the best choice for a new born baby and you will find the market to be practically flooded with the variety. You can choose a toy according to your pocket and liking.

* Gift basket with an assortment of goods, like baby dress, skincare products and toys, is also a useful gift for a new born.

* Baby money box makes a great gift for a new baby, if you think of the future. As he grows up, the gift will develop the habit of saving money in him/her.

* Gifting an embroidered baby blanket is the perfect way to welcome a new baby into this world.

* Mark the arrival of a new baby with a lovely handmade album. It makes a fantastic gift for parents, who would be clicking lots of pictures of their little bundle of joy.

* You can gift a handmade beautiful baby record book, with colorful and easy-to-fill-in pages for the parents.

* Gift the new born with a handmade baby memory box, which will be ideal for all those special memories that his/her parents will cherish all through their life.

* Baby frame is the perfect gift for a little baby and will look fantastic with one of his/her first photos.

* Baby's collage frame, showing off all the special moments - such as first smile, first bath and first step, will make another wonderful gift.

* Baby breakfast set, consisting of a baby cup, saucer and bowl - all with a cute bear design, is also a thoughtful gift for the new born.

* Get all friends and family members to write messages for the new born, on a plate, and get it laminated. This will make the perfect gift for the baby, to be cherished when he/she grows up.

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