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New Born Baby Party Favors

The best way to thank your guests, who take out time to attend your party, is by giving out favors. They also make sure that the guests remember your party for a long time to come. The same goes for new born baby party as well, where you can either buy something from the store or give out homemade favors. Whatever you give, make sure that it is thoughtful and serves as a token of gratitude as well as a memoir. At the same time, make sure that you start planning the favors ahead of time, so that there is no last minute rush.

At least one week before the party, take out some time and think about the favors. One of the best tips for deciding the new born baby party favors is to go according to the theme of the party, if any. This will definitely make the favors more memorable and fun. Otherwise, you can base them around the baby. In case you need any help, we bring you tips and ideas on new born baby party favors, in the lines below. Go through them and decide what to give your guests as they leave after the party.

New Born Baby Party Favor Ideas

* Pink and blue scented candles or personalized aroma candles in cute shapes is the perfect party favor for a new born baby party.

* Glow stickers of animated characters can also be given as the favor, in such a party.

* You can also fill baby mugs with colored candle gel and make a favor that will certainly be admired by your guests.

* Personalized key chains, with baby's name and date of birth written on it, is another good idea.

* A set of assorted cookies is an all-time favorite party favor, especially when the occasion is a new born baby party.

* Puzzles and crossword games will also work well as new born baby party favors, which you can use especially for kids.

* One more thing that makes a perfect favor for new born baby party is a cute baby-shaped refrigerator magnet.

* Assortment of scented soaps, in different colors, can also make an impressive new born baby party favor.

* You can also go for candy assortments, with a 'Thank You' Card reflecting your gratitude towards the guests.

* Personalized 'Thank You' notes or wall hangings can also be selected for new born baby party favors.

* Assorted chocolates, in various flavors, also make great new born baby party favors. They can easily be made at home as well and then assembled together in a cute package.

* Picture frames are some of the most popular and common party favors for a new born baby party. You can even include some fun pictures of the baby in the frame.

* You can make candles, in different shapes, colors and sizes, and then wrap them together, to give as a favor.

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