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Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Not many look forward to their retirement. In a way, it is a reminder that one is getting old. Retirement marks the end of one's working years, one's job and designation, which for many is their identity. Still, the colleagues, friends and family members of the retiree, can make this day happy, cheerful and special for him, by being their and showing their support and appreciation for him. Retirement gifts, in a way, are an opportunity to show the retired person that his work life has been well-spent and also, to wish him well for the life ahead. Given below are some retirement gift ideas for men, which convey the same things.

Interesting Retirement Gift Ideas for Men

Latest Gadget
Most probably, the person who is retiring today, would be born in the 1940s or 50s. A great possibility is that he might not know or use many of the latest gadgets such as ipods, laptops, DVD players, etc. Still, you can always gift him any of these gadgets, writing a note that retirement is not the end but the beginning of learning something new in life. To be in with the times! So, depending upon your budget you can choose either of the latest technology gadgets as retirement gifts for men.

A Vacation
If you are looking for retirement gift ideas for dad, then an all paid vacation for him would be ideal. After all, your dad has worked his entire life, taking care of your financial needs. Now is the time that he can put up his feet and relax! So, send him on a vacation to a foreign country that he always wished to visit. Make sure that his traveling tickets, room stays, travel guides are all pre-arranged and paid for beforehand, by you.

Library Membership
If the person who has retired, likes to read books, you can gift him a membership to a library, which is located near his house. Post retirement, many people don't know how to pass their time. By giving him a library membership, you are showing him one of the productive ways!

Hand Painted T-shirt
For those of you who are searching for funny retirement gift ideas for men, a hand painted t-shirt which has some funny retirement sayings on it, will suffice. So, get a plain white t-shirt and search the Internet for funny retirement quotes and write them on the t-shirt with a paint. If it's a retirement gift for dad, you can write something like, "When you retire, you switch bosses - from the one who hired you to the one who married you." Otherwise, you can go in for, "You are only young once, but you can stay immature indefinitely."

Personalized Gift
As retirement is a turning point in a man's life, a personalized gift such as a photo frame or a watch, inscribed with the date of retirement as well as the name of the retiree, is one of the most thoughtful of retirement gifts. Such gifts keep the memory of the day alive forever!

Retirement Party
If it's your dad or a close family member who is retiring, one of the best gifts that you can give is to throw him a post retirement party. In this party, invite all the close family members and friends of the retiree. Decorate the venue with photographs of the retired person. Ask each of the guests to say a few words for the retiree. A retirement party need not be always planned at the office, it can be extremely touching and emotional for the retiree, if his family has planned one too, for him, at home!

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