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Retirement Party Invitation Wording

Retirement means joy to some while for some it means emptiness in life. So retirement parties are a must to cheer up those lonely souls as well to celebrate with those happy-go-lucky people! While throwing a party for retirees you will have to keep a few retirement party etiquettes in mind.

Firstly, do not choose a noisy location as most of the invitees will be old. Secondly, do not decorate the party hall too bright, keep it elegant and sophisticated. Also do not invite too many guests, just the closely related people. It is also important to give attention to the catering, do not order or make too many food items, also do not make spicy or oily food. For entertainment keep retirement party games which the guests can sit and play, let the speeches also be short and give a chance to the close friends and the family member of the retiree to give a speech, because they are the people who mean the most to the retiree.

Talking about retirement party invitation wording ideas, there are no set rules. You can have formal as well as informal retirement party invitations. However it's good to follow a few things such as, keeping the word count in check, the invitation should not be too long. Also keep in mind that it is an invitation for a retirement party, so do not make it too fancy or too trendy.

Sample Retirement Party Invitation Wordings
A retirement party invitation wording can be as simple as follows:

You are cordially invited
to join us, as we celebrate
the retirement of Mr. John Patterson
at (Venue) on (date) from (Time).

The Simpsons
request the pleasure of your company
at a retirement dinner
in honor of Mr. John Patterson
at (Venue) on (date) from (time).

After thirty-five years of dedicated service
to the Simpson's,
Mr. John Patterson is retiring on (Date).
Please be our guest of honor
as we celebrate his retirement.

These were some simple retirement party invitation wording ideas. You could also have humorous but meaningful invitation wording for retirement party as follows:

Wording #1
Office walls are now his past
He's retiring to the sunny
shores at last!
You're invited to a Retirement
Party for
John Patterson
on (Date)
at (Venue)
from (time).

Wording #2
The clock's been punched for
the last time
The daily grind has been left
No more meetings or pages to
It's time to kick back and relax!

You're invited to a
Retirement Party for
John Patterson
on (Date and Time)
at (Venue).

Wording #3
Forget the black tie, it’s no formal affair.
Just come as you are for that casual flair.
We’ll drink and laugh as we all reminisce,
It’s a gathering for a friend that will surely be missed.

We invite you to bid a farewell
to our dear employee John Patterson
on (Date and Time) at (Venue).

Wording #4
Too quickly the time has passed us by,
now it's time for us to say good-bye,
Please join us to wish him the very best,
as he starts his long and well deserved rest.

Please join us for lunch
in honor of
John Patterson
on (Date) from (Time)
at (Venue).

Wording #5
John Patterson is retiring; he's put in his time,
he leaves us now with warmer plans in mind.
Just "R & R" and taking life slow,
at home, in the garden, or perhaps Mexico!

Please join us for a final farewell
from (Time) on (Date)
at (Venue)

These were some of the retirement party invitation wordings, if you want something different, you could add retirement quotes "The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off"! - Abe Lemons or "Retirement: World's longest coffee break!".

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