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Thoughtful Gift Ideas

What are some thoughtful gift ideas, you ask? Here are some of the very best that are presented in this article. Look through the same and pick out some really special ones for that special person in question.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Thoughtful. That in which a lot of thought has been put. Receiving gifts like these is really rare and according to me the best of the lot. 'Coz you know that a person has put in a lot of thought before gifting you something that they know is going to appeal to you. This you know directly translates to understanding you and what you need. Think about it. Isn't that the criterion for tagging a gift as thoughtful or not? So we agree that receiving a thoughtful gift is something special, right? And you want to be a part of this thoughtful gift ideas club? Sure, sure. But you don't really know where to start. What am I here for then? To give you ideas of what could be some thoughtful gifts for the special people in your life. Following are some of the best thoughtful gift ideas.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Him and Her

You know what the secret behind gifting really special and thoughtful gifts is? You need to be in tune with the other person's likes, needs and wants. If you're close to someone then that's pretty much taken care of right there because with that much interaction with the other person you get to learn what they are like, what their tastes are like and you can keep in mind what to gift them in that way. The following are some thoughtful gift ideas that you can take hint from.

Rare Collectibles

So you know that she's wanted the hard cover of the original series of that novel forever and ever and when you finally chance upon it in some quaint little book shop in the village, you of course buy it for her. Imagine the surprise and delight on her face when she sees that gift! Not only is this thoughtful gift for girlfriend important but so is the gesture that you remembered and thought of her when you saw the gift. Similarly, if you know of any of these things that are made valuable 'coz the other person really, really wants them then make a mental note of those and keep a watch for the same. You never know when you'll end up finding something that fits the bill. This works as one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for girlfriend because girls are really into these sentimental things. Of course, it's in no way to say that guys will not like these gifts as well.

Replacing Old for New

Here's something that is a very, very sweet gesture and works out as a perfect thoughtful gift idea. All you do is be in tune with the other person's lifestyle and it'll work out just right. How? Is there a particular perfume brand that he/she uses? Replace it when you see that it's almost over. Just the gesture is sweet enough. This really works well as one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for men. Imagine the pampered feeling when they see that their perfume (or any other thoughtful gift for men that you've got for them) has already been replaced and they don't need to go hunting for it.

Sweet Gestures

You know how you have these work coupons? Something like that except more than just fun, it's more thoughtful. What you do is think about the person and think about something that you can give them so that their stress and work gets taken away. For example, as a thoughtful gift for boyfriend - if your boyfriend has to eat cold lunch at the office, then for a week (or more) you can bring him hot homemade lunch or have it sent there. Or if your boyfriend does not like cleaning and maintaining his apartment, then for a brief period you can do it for him. Imagine the relief he will feel. Now don't you agree that this is one of the most thoughtful gift ideas for boyfriend?

Cook for a Day

I'm telling you what is one of the sweetest and most thoughtful gift ideas for mom - cook for her. Or better still, care for her. Volunteer to cook all her favorite dishes over a Sunday lunch, clean her apartment for her, take her to the matinée show, take her shopping.. and all those things you know she enjoys doing. She doesn't need your money, just some quality time and these activities that you do, will be enough thoughtful gift for mom.

Sponsoring Dreams

Another one of the awesome thoughtful gift ideas? Think of something that the person in question has always wanted to do and never got a chance to do - like a guitar or piano class, going bungee jumping, learning to cook Mexican cuisine...and things like that. Then simply sign them up for the classes.

I have a personal story of how I received one of the most thoughtful gifts, no wait, the most thoughtful gift ever. You see I'd had a really, really tiring day at work. It seemed like everything that could've gone wrong, had. I walked in from the front gate and saw that the front door was locked, I cursed as I fished for the keys in my satchel. And then as I approached the front door I saw that there was a peacock feather tucked in the latch with a note on it. It said, 'I saw this and remembered you. Hope you like it'. It was from a friend who'd known that I'd had a really bad day. The smile that was plastered on my face didn't leave me for a long, long time after.

You see? It doesn't take much to come up with some of the most perfect and thoughtful gift ideas for anyone. You just think of what the person would want instead of thinking what 'you'd' like to give them. Simple and sweet.

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