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Top 6 Myths and Facts on Online Classes

Online learning (or e-learning) has revolutionized the educational field in just a few years. The number of colleges and universities offering online classes has continued to climb. Confidence in the ability of colleges to provide a quality education through online learning has grown but, as with most things that are new and unfamiliar, myths abound. Here are some of the myths and facts about online learning and classes.

1. Myth – You must be a computer whiz to take online classes

Fact – With basic knowledge of how to use a computer, students can find continued success while taking online classes. Students need to be at ease with certain internet tasks such as searching for information on the net, uploading and downloading files for assignments, using message boards for discussions.

2. Myth – Students lose interest in online classes quickly and cannot complete them.

Fact – Online courses are designed with the e-learner in mind. The skill level is designed for completion of the degree and to meet the needs of the student progressing through the course. Students can move at their own pace and completion dates and times vary according to the student’s desired schedule.

3. Myth – Online education is too expensive

Fact – Online classes save money for the student in a number of ways. First, the tuition for many online classes is less expensive than the same course offered on campus by college. This is a benefit for many colleges as they may enroll more students for courses and not need to increase the classroom size. Students save on travel time, travel expenses, and child or family care needed in their absence. A major expense for students is the cost of books and materials. Online classes many times save on book costs when the course material that is designed for the course is included with the cost of the course or is available for a nominal fee compared to many college textbooks.

4. Myth – Time management: students do not have adequate time to prepare assignments due to home and work responsibilities.

Fact – Online classes give students the flexibility to adjust their learning pace. If one class is suitable for a student they may take just that. If a student wishes to work at an accelerated pace and complete the studies sooner, taking more classes is an option for those who wish to finish earlier.

5. Myth – Online education is not accessible to everyone

Fact – Online education is accessible to everyone and erases barrier of distance and time that on campus courses can create. Students have the flexibility of having access to classes on a 24/7 schedule. Online classes are also suitable for students with disabilities, health concerns and even more mature students. Many students who have family responsibilities find that studying and completing assignments during different hours than their family, provide them with a quiet environment and affords them the opportunity to reach their goals quicker.

6. Myth – Online degrees are not the same as from on campus colleges

Fact – Many major colleges and universities in the US and around the world have offered their students the option of completing many of their courses via the online portals on the college’s homepage. Online classes are the same as those taught on campus and many times by the same instructors. When a student completes a degree program (such as the BA, MS, or PhD), the diploma is issued by the college or university in the same way for online and on campus students. Also, the diploma and the students’ transcripts do not stipulate whether the credits and degree were earned through online or on campus classes as they are recognized equally by colleges and employers. Many students choose to take a mix of some online degree classes and some on campus classes depending on their needs.

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