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Baby Shower Scrapbook Ideas

Make your baby shower a unique, fun and memorable affair by including the below mentioned interesting scrapbook activities in it.

Baby shower is an occasion wherein the parents of a newborn baby or who is about to be born are "showered" with gifts. Some couples, in order to celebrate their parenthood, throw a party or plan a cozy get-together with their near and dear ones, which are given the name of "baby showers". Till about recently, baby showers were like any other regular party with games, food, gifts etc. However now, the trend to make this a more emotional, close wound and memorable affair is fast catching up! Now, the couples are replacing the traditional baby shower games with involving the guests in making scrapbooks which have pictures of the newborn baby, the expecting mother and the father. These baby books are created with the idea that when the child grows up, he as well as the other family members can reminiscence the old times by looking at the scrapbook.

Creative Baby Shower Scrapbook Ideas

If you too are planning to get your guests involved in this activity at the baby shower, you need to be first of all ready with the supplies, before the guests arrive. Ideally, a scrapbook which has a leather or cloth cover should be chosen as it looks formal, special, timeless and unlike the commonly used ones. A good baby scrapbook idea here would be to get the baby's initials as well as date of birth engraved on the cover of the scrapbook! Besides this, you would need pictures that you want to be included in the scrapbook, stickers, ribbons, buttons, printouts of some quotes on motherhood and children (you will find plenty of these on the Internet), cards (which the guests bring for you at the baby shower), and other decorative stuff such as patterned papers, that you think will add to the beauty of the baby shower scrapbook. Be ready with the supplies needed to carry on the work, such as scissors, colors, glue, pencils, markers, card stock paper and other stationery. Do not leave anything for the last moment and be prepared with everything in advance.

Arrange for a big table to be kept in the middle of the room, around which all your invitees can sit and carry on this activity. Before the baby shower, sit with your partner and brainstorm as to how would you want the different pages to shape up. What all things, pictures, decorations, wordings, you would want in the scrapbook. You can of course leave the details up to the guests as to how to decorate it and plan the layout of each page, yet you two should have a basic idea about how the scrapbook should finally look. Here are some baby shower scrapbook ideas on the list of things that you can include in it:

  • Start the baby shower scrapbook by writing about those moments when you two were excited and at the same time, nervous about becoming parents. In this section, both the partners can write their feelings, fears, anticipation and happiness about the birth of their baby.
  • The letter from the doctor confirming the pregnancy as well as ultrasound photographs can be included in the next few pages.
  • Some incidents that are wroth mentioning are about the mother's food cravings and mood swings. They will be great to add some humor to the scrapbook. These can be posted along with monthly pictures of the mother's growing tummy.
  • Pictures of the time of delivery, when you two were at the hospital, pictures of the nurses and doctors who helped in the delivery, letter confirming the birth given by the doctor, the baby's weight and height at the time of birth, baby's time and date of birth, the color of his eyes, the color of his hair, his foot and hand imprints - these are the things that you should include in the scrapbook as they make for valuable memories.
  • An interesting baby book idea is to include all the pictures of the baby's firsts like his first smile, his first walk, his first teeth, his first bath, first hair cut, first outside trip, etc.
  • Devote the last section of the scrapbook to the entire baby shower event. Click the photographs of the baby shower decorations, guests, food menu, gifts and cards received from the invitees, baby shower cake etc. and have them posted then and there in the scrapbook by all your invitees.
  • One of the unique baby shower scrapbook ideas that you can consider is to paste the party invitation on the cover of the scrapbook, along with some of the cards and gifts received as they will make the cover look very attractive!
While conducting this activity, explain the general layout to the guests, however, at the same time, give some pages to them to design in whichever way they want. They can write some blessings for the baby and the mother or draw something funny which the child can enjoy when he grows up and sees! In other words, give the guests freedom to design and decorate some pages according to their wish! This will add abundance of creativity to your baby shower scrapbook!

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