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How to Make a Diaper Cake

How to Make a Diaper CakeDiaper cake can be a fantastic gift for an expecting mother. Baby shower diaper cake is a perfect idea because it can be used as a decorative centerpiece for any baby shower and is also easy on the pocketbook. Easy to make, you can always experiment with shape, themes and sizes to create an attractive and unique look.

Here are some instructions that will guide to make a perfect baby shower diaper cake. Make sure to fill them with enticing items and accessories that will be really useful in for the new mother

Diaper Cakes Instructions

Things Required

  • Medium size disposable diapers
  • A platter to serve the diaper cake
  • How to Make a Diaper Cake Ribbon
  • Baby bottle
  • Adhesive tape
  • Assorted baby items (pacifiers, bibs, combs, teething rings, etc)

Making Process

  1. First, take a long, colorful, narrow ribbon and cut it into 1 foot lengths. Now, roll up each diaper and tie it with the section of 1 foot ribbon.
  2. Start forming the layers of the diaper cake. Use a baby bottle for creating the centre of the first layer. Now attach other six rolled up and tied diapers to it. Use the ribbon to tie them around the bottle. Make sure you tie them tightly.
  3. Now create the second layer with 15 diapers adopting the same method as mentioned above. However, for this layer you will not use a baby bottle, instead use few of the 15 diapers to form the inner tier and then attach the rest of the diapers to it with the ribbon.
  4. For third layer use 27 diapers and follow the same instructions as above.
  5. Once your three-tier diaper cake is finished, place some adhesive tape on the platter where the first cake tier is positioned and attach it.
  6. Place the second layer on the bottom tier and then attach with tape. Similarly assemble the third tier on the second tier and attach with tape. Make sure you end with the smallest tier.
  7. Now give finishing touch to the diaper cake. Stuff it with baby keepsake items. You can tuck the items inside the ribbon that is around each tier. In case you fall short of ribbon, you can use more ribbons to ensure they are secure.

1. Always prefer using larger size diapers because they allow the mom to use the diaper cakes longer.
2. The number of diapers used in each layer may vary depending on the brand of diaper and how tight you wrap them.
3. You can also use cloth diapers for making the cake.

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