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Top 10 Universities in USA

Harvard is seen at the top of any college rankings in US. It has been the same for years and it probably will remain ever so, all thanks to the administration, management and God-level-professors in Harvard, not to mention the campus bustling with some of the brightest brains in the country and also from various parts of globe. If given an option, I would love to study in any of the top 10 universities in USA because each of them is a legend in itself. Being in the top 10 universities list is itself an achievement for any college or school.

Top Universities in USA: An Overview

Ranking top 10 universities in USA are mostly predictable because most of the Ivy League universities that have been established hundreds of years ago have evolved to become world class prestigious educational organizations. I have not given any particular ranking to these top 10 universities in the USA. Every year, there is an intense competition amongst these 10 classic universities for bagging a place in top five. Have a look.

Harvard University - Cambridge, Massachusetts
Founded in 1636, by its first benefactor, Sir John Harvard, Harvard University has risen to be one of the most prestigious universities in the world in terms of history, world influence and wealth. It is by far the oldest and largest private Ivy League University institute that imparts higher learning education in the US. 8 US presidents including Barack Obama have studied in Harvard. 2011 will mark the 375th anniversary of Harvard, a feat that is miraculous and inspirational. You can study law, medicine, business, engineering, arts and various other inter related subjects in this best US university.

Princeton University - Elizabeth, New Jersey
The fourth oldest college in the US, Princeton was founded in 1746 and it imparts undergraduate, graduate degrees in humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. It is renowned to be one of the best research universities in the world with the commitment towards excellence in education. Many presidents, governors, senators, noble laureates, actors and popular figures in society form the alumni of Princeton university.

Yale University - New Haven, Connecticut
The third oldest college in the US, founded in 1701, is regarded to be another world class university. The university boasts of second largest financial endowment of any academic institution in the USA (US$16 billion approximately). It also has the second largest academic library in the world. Nearly 49 noble laureates have been associated to Yale as students, faculty or research staff in its glorious history of academic excellence. 5 US presidents and 19 US Supreme Court Justices have been alumni of Yale university.

Columbia University - New York City
Do you know that the five founding fathers of the United States who were mainly involved in establishing the US constitution were graduates of Columbia university? Further, Columbia university also boasts of 97 Nobel laureate alumni that have been associated to this university. This is not where all ends because alumni of Columbia university have won prizes in almost every international awards. Columbia university was founded in 1754 as Kings College under the British rule. Now, Columbia university has four overseas centers in Amman, Jordan; Beijing, China; Paris; France; and Mumbai, India.

Stanford University - Palo Alto, California
It was founded in 1891 by Leland Stanford, a California business magnate and politician. After the initial years of its foundation, Stanford University faced major funding issues; however, following world war 2 things began to change and the University got support from Frederick Terman, the world wide figure popular as 'Father of Silicon Valley' along with William Shockley. Many things changed for Stanford university after Silicon valley revolution and it emerged as a major international university. The faculty and alumni of Stanford need no introduction to the world as many of them have been involved in formation of legendary firms like Cisco systems, Electronic Arts, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Linkedln, Sun Microsystems and Yahoo!

University of Pennsylvania - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Another member of the Ivy League institution, the University of Pennsylvania was founded in the year 1740. The most popular college under University of Pennsylvania are its medical school, dental school, the Wharton business school, law school and the Anneberg School of communication. Even the social sciences and humanities branches of Pennsylvania university are recognized world wide for their research.

California Institute of Technology - Pasadena, California
A private research university founded in 1891, lays special emphasis on science and engineering studies. One of the lesser known facts about Caltech (as it is famously called) is that it has drastically lesser number of students than other top universities in the USA. With just 950 undergraduates, 1200 graduate students and 300 faculties, Caltech has relatively small size. But this hasn't deterred the quality of education nor aspirations of faculties and students in Caltech. Nearly 31 alumni or faculty from Caltech have won Nobel prizes and hundreds of them have been nominated to various National Academies!!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cambridge, Massachusetts
MIT was founded in 1861 and it was opened in 1865. The past couple of decades have seen rapid inclusion of several streams and disciplines in MIT. Now MIT is not only known for its engineering and physical sciences but also it is famous for various fields like biology, economics, linguistics, political science and management. With a faculty of more than 1000 professors and nearly 10, 000 students, MIT is mostly popular for its study dedicated to science and engineering. It has been consistently ranked amongst the top universities in USA and even in the world, without fail.

Duke University - Durham, North Carolina
One of the most popular research institutions, the Duke University was established in 1838. Duke university has been consistently ranked amongst the top universities in US and the world. Besides, its academics and athletics excellence, Duke university is famous for its huge campus and Gothic architecture campus. Richard Nixon, the 37th president of US; Ricardo Lagos, 33rd president of Chile; Melinda Gates; Bill Gate's wife and co-founder of Bill and Melinda's gate foundation, and various other national and international figures have studied in the Duke's university.

Dartmouth College - Hanover, New Hampshire, USA
The smallest school in the Ivy League members, Dartmouth college was founded in 1769. Dartmouth college is only a liberal arts school and it offers four year bachelor of Arts education degrees to students. The economics department at Dartmouth college is considered to be one of the best rated by the London School of Economics.

Amongst the above top 10 universities in USA, gaining admission into any of these demands dedicated preparation and good academic performances. Studies are not only the sole criteria and college admission authorities look into the overall personality of candidates. These best universities have got a place amongst best educational institutions, even in the world.

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