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10 ways to patch up in the bedroom with love...

The door got slammed. The bed got divided into two sides. Suddenly there was silence all around, breaking the laughter that pervaded the room. One short, small argument led to hours of unspoken and unexpressed feelings, and the situation did not improve even after two days and one night passed by.

10 ways to patch up in the bedroom with love...

Reason: Neither of the two took the initiative to start a conversation, both faced opposite sides, no meeting of the eye, the couch in front of the TV became the new dining table, the room was the only thing they shared…

Does this scene ring a bell? Can you relate with the same kind of stories in your own bedroom with your partner most nights? If your fights with your partner in the bedroom last for days, you can safely use this script to bring back love even in testing times…

The funda is to not go to bed mad and although you've probably heard this one for years, and it may have been your grandmother's first marriage advice to you, it is still true. Going to bed hurt or angry keeps feelings under the surface. When you wake up you don't want to continue the argument, so you hold in your frustrations and then they begin to mount. Thus, it’s best to talk everything out, and fall asleep in each other's arms!

1. Silence

10 ways to patch up in the bedroom with love...The atmosphere in the bedroom is tense already, and when both of you go on and on, there is sure to be no end. At such times, it is pertinent that you keep mum and let the moment pass by, and come back at it later after a gap of time. This will ease out things and will keep both of your tempers in check.

All the more, take the refuge of silence by saying something like, “I care about this relationship and don't want to say something stupid I'll regret. Can we talk about it in half an hour?" this will reassure your partner, that you are not trying to evade the topic, rather will revisit the discussion.

2. Don’t leave it incomplete

Any issue that can spark off heated arguments between you two, must be dealt with completely at that particular time in question. If you ignore the topic and leave it to be discussed the next time, not only will your partner feel like a fool, but it would keep haunting your relationship, time and again. Even if it be after a gap of time to ease the tension, make it a point to clarify complicated issues and do it with peace.

3. Listen

Alright, your partner simply wants you to listen and all you need to do is to give him/her an ear. It would help in your partner acknowledging the fact that you understand. At such times, when your partner is venting out, there is hardly a quick fix you can offer. And interestingly, no one is looking for one. But do show that you're listening - by expressing shock at the boss's actions or empathizing with a problem.

4. Text him/her

Your time in bed together is perfect for high-end intimacy and romance, and losing out on this time to unnecessary heated arguments and debates is the last thing you want. So, what if your partner is too upset to even spell L-O-V-E, you can discreetly text something hot and romantic, right when both of you are in bed, and show as if you are messaging someone else. The moment the message appears, you both would be all smiles!

5. Play music

When the atmosphere is tense and there is silence in the air, play soft, romantic music that gels well with both of you, and can uplift moods and bring back peace of mind. Music is great to divert the mind, and can make you both forget the topic for some time.

6. Just keep one pillow and one bed sheet on the bed10 ways to patch up in the bedroom with love...

Normally, you have a dozen pillows and at least two bed sheets on your big, broad bed. And on sunny days, you both together need just one of each, for a “love-ly” sleep!

But now that things have gone sour, your partner insists on separate pillows and bed sheets and everything else that matters. And this is the perfect opportunity to bring back the love and intimacy! Time to become “One” in bed, and let things flare up!

7. Say “I am sorry”10 ways to patch up in the bedroom with love...

The simplest and the easiest way to calm down temper, is to say “sorry”. Alright, this does not mean you are bowing down, but that you say it even though you know it’s not your fault. Just so that he time passes by and after you say sorry, you may add” I am sorry, but what I meant was…” so that you put your point across and make peace too.

8. Write a note under the pillow

Heaty fights do not leave room for any talk whatsoever, and your partner refuses to even look at you. What do you do? Actions speak louder than words, remember. So, go ahead and plant a sexy note on his side of the bed. Something that talks about what you most love about him/her, something erotic, would immediately make things steamier between you too.

9. Go through your album

Your wedding album must have been tucked away in the closet in one deep corner, and the last time you had seen it was when it had newly arrived. Now, that both of you feel what a pain the relation has become, thanks to the fights and arguments, it’s time to remind yourselves as to how your love was at the beginning, how much it has grown, how far you both have come and how much you still love each other.

10. Get closer

Making love will be the last thing your partner would expect after a fight in the bedroom. But do the unexpected and bring back the heat in the bed! You need to move slowly and softly, take small steps and slide to your partner’s side, whisper sweet nothings, move your fingers over his/her hands, and take it up from there. There will be initial resistance, but slowly your love will melt the tension away and you may wish the night could last a little longer!

A high dose of love mixed with a tablespoon of tolerance and spiced up with a pinch commitment and understanding can result in the perfect recipe for unending love and a happy journey together.

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