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5 Signs your partner wants a break up

5 Signs your partner wants a break upThey say the ultimate test of a relationship is when two people take a vacation and are still together when they return. But what if the vacation isn’t going so well?

Here are five signs that you should look out for to warn you that your partner is about to break up with you:

1. They make a “travel friend” of the opposite sex: It’s the obvious sign. When you travel as a couple, the adventures you have are meant to be experienced together, a forging of intimate memories between two people. A third wheel is a no-no at the best of times, but to invite someone along “because they’re on their own” or “we’re going there anyway” is asking for trouble.

2. They want to do new things on their own: It’s really highlighting the fact that doing things they previously expressed no interest in is now preferable to doing things with you.

If your partner wants to go off on their own to visit a flea market, then things are salvageable. But if they’re cage diving with great white sharks or base-jumping into a canyon, you might want to cancel that joint hotmail address you use for travelling, reports News .

3. They don’t argue about things they usually argue with you about: if a relationship is strained or nearing an end, the effort it takes to argue is no longer there. If something like “I’ve just taken us down a 150km dead-end” is met with a reply of “Oh well, these things happen” you could be heading for trouble.

4. They develop “changed person” syndrome: Travel has a knack of changing people, often giving an individual a fresh new perspective on work, life and love.

As the wider world is introduced, the things that once endeared you to your partner can now be what makes their skin crawl. Jokes are no longer funny or they’ve heard the same old stories again and again. Suddenly the “different person” is looking for a different person.

5. They want an end of trip “talk”: Because “changed person” syndrome takes about a month to die off, there’s usually a three-week period after a long trip when the words “talk” usually mean “I’m telling you we’re finished.”

If you want to stay in your relationship, it’s best to avoid all communication with your partner during this time before letting normal services resume.

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