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Best Cars for Youngsters

Best Cars for YoungstersMost of the times, the first car that we own is a gift from our parents during our teenage years. Parents want to ensure the safety of their child first and then look for other features. Since the car to be bought is for teenagers, looks also play a vital role! When thinking of buying a car, there are many factors that help in the ultimate decision. Apart from safety and looks, parents also need to look at the 'cost factor'. You need to look at the best deals that the market has to offer. As for now, lets have a look at the best cars for teenagers to drive.

Best Cars to Buy for Teenagers

When speaking of the best cars to buy for teenagers, there are two options. First, if your pocket permits or if you are not worried about the budget, then you may go for a brand new car with safety features and designer looks. Second, if there is a cost factor, then either you may go for cars that cost less, or choose between some of the best used cars for teenagers! There are many cars (previous year's models) which can be purchased brand new but at a lower price. You will find many online car dealers that will quote you some heavy discounted prices on such cars as they want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Below is the list of top 10 cars to buy for a teenager, in no particular order.

Honda Civic

This is one of the top cars for teenagers as it has the looks and style that a teenager seeks, and also the handling and safety that parents want. Its features include stylish looks, reliability, economy, space, performance, comfort and all that you need in a car! Also listed among the best used cars for a teenager, this Honda model is certainly a good choice!

Volkswagen Golf

Ranked 4th in the best affordable small cars, the Volkswagen Golf is a little expensive, but totally worth the money as per the reviews! The 2011 Volkswagen Golf is known to have classy luxury interiors along with extremely powerful engines. It will also have an option for diesel engines unlike the earlier models.

Volkswagen Jetta

Another popular car among teenagers is the Volkswagen Jetta! The handling and the controls of this car are decent enough for safe highway driving. However the 2010 Volkswagen Jetta is said to have cheap plastic interiors which people are not happy about. Apart from the roomy interiors and spacious designs, this car is not at all recommended for fast rides. A good thing for parents who don't want their kids to ride too fast!

The Mazda3 is also an excellent choice for becoming a teenager's ride! Although it is a small car, but the redesigned model has come up with a lot of peppy features which include heated front seat and bluetooth connectivity. The interior space is pretty good and comfortable! The performance of this car has been rated quite well and therefore this car is included in this list.

Toyota Corolla

Though the Toyota Corolla is not among the fastest cars in the world, it is definitely among the safest cars for teenagers! The Toyota Corolla has been ranked 18th out of 30 among the affordable small cars. The U.S. news has given it a 9.3/10 on safety. With the electronic stability control for all trims and amazing fuel economy, this car is among the Top Safety pick of Insurance Institute of Highway Safety in 2010.

Honda Insight

Although this Honda car is a little expensive, you can look for a good second hand deal. The reason why I say this is because, even if it is used, it still is one of the best used cars for teenagers! This car is not only a ride but an encouraging partner which would advise your teen to take it easy and slow on the brakes and gas. It consists of a video game like dash which trains inexperienced drivers to adopt good and safe driving techniques. The Honda Insight is a hybrid car and can be a little expensive, but if safety is your criteria, the price you pay is totally worth the money!

Mitsubishi Lancer

This is again one of the most popular car among teenagers! The Mitsubishi Lancer has got looks to die for! It's sleek, it's stylish, and the performance too is magnificent! Many teens also customize this car to get that extreme sporty look. If your teen is an inexperienced driver, it is suggested not to go for it's Ralliart or Evolution model as they both are turbocharged. As far as the 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer is concerned, it has strong and reliable handling features and crisp steering. The cons include a poor acceleration and absence of tilt and telescoping steering wheels.

Kia Forte
Apart from the fact that this car is inexpensive, this is also one of the best options that you can consider for your teenager. The 2010 Kia Forte also has enhanced features like bluetooth connectivity and USB ports, also the style and space that a teenager wants, along with electronic stability control, six airbags, 5 door hatchback and anti-lock brakes, something that the parents want.

Subaru Impreza

This car is one of the most recommended cars for teenagers. The Subaru Impreza is an AWD car along with ESC (electronic stability control) that makes this car safe and reliable. This car has a tie with the Toyota Corolla and is ranked 18th in the category of affordable small cars by U.S news. The 2011 Subaru Impreza is not the best among the fuel efficient cars, but has many standard safety features, making it to the list of best cars for teenagers!

Kia Soul

Most of the features are very similar with Kia Forte, however, the Kia Soul is less expensive! The Kia Soul has a body like a box, which makes the car very spacious at the back seat and the cargo bay. This car is also an excellent choice when it comes to safety and has won the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award as well!

What are the Best Used Cars for Teenagers

Apart from the above mentioned cars, if you are looking for buying cheap used cars, then given below are some more options that you can consider.

  • Smart Fortwo
  • Ford Fiesta
  • Honda Accord
  • Nissan Rogue
  • Scion xB
  • Honda CRV
  • Chevrolet Cruze
  • Pontiac Vibe
  • Honda Fit
  • Suzuki SX4 Hatchback
So these were some of the best cars for teenagers that satisfy the needs of both the parents and teenagers. These models are well designed and are performance oriented making them the best choice to be the first car for your teenager! Make sure you check all types of cars before you finally decide on getting your kid's first owned car. All the best!

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