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Best Family Car 2011

The cars presented in the article are suited for family needs. These cars are spacious, fuel efficient and have all the necessary features. Few models from well-known brands are worth knowing about.

The family cars need to be spacious and must have the required safety features. Such cars are expected to have a good fuel economy. There are however, many other features which can be found in these cars. These are complete cars, not meant for any single purpose (sports, luxury, etc). The designing and overall development of family cars is therefore, carried out, taking into account a variety of features. Let us obtain information about the best family cars through this article.

Top Family Cars for 2011

Here are a few popular car brands meant for use by families. One should be able to find the best family car for 2011 from the models described below. Knowing facts on family cars (4 wheel drive) can also prove helpful if you are of the opinion that a new car is needed for your family.

Honda Accord

The 2011 Honda Accord is a car perfectly suited for families; it is one of the best small family cars for 2011. The i-VTEC, 2.4 liter engine of this car comes with 4 cylinders and generates a power of 177 hp. The 5-speed transmission of this car comes in both manual and automatic systems. The 'Grade Logic Control' of manual transmission system makes it easy to climb uphill slopes. The fuel economy for manual transmission systems is 23 mpg and 33 mpg in cities and highways respectively; the fuel economy for Accords model fitted with automatic transmission systems is the same i.e. 23 mpg in cities and a bit higher i.e. 34 mpg on highways. The models with V6 engines offer a fuel economy of 20 mpg (city) and 30 mpg (highways). The modern design of Honda Accord incorporates a new grille; the wide open doors are also amongst the important features; it is one of the best mid-size cars for families. The different trims of this car fit into a price range of $21,180-$31,360.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ford Fusion is known to deliver performance and is also fuel efficient. One of the best new family car for 2011, Ford Fusion Hybrid combines the functionalities of both gas engines and battery operated engines. The I-4, 2.5 liter engine of this car generates 175 hp of power. The manual transmission system of this car has 6 levels of speed. A power of 175 hp is generated at 172 lb-ft torque. However, being a hybrid vehicle, the electric power source is also used for driving. A nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMH) is used for this car. The speed of 47 mph (greater than any other hybrid car) can be attained in the electric vehicle mode. The fuel economy for city and highways is 23 mpg and 34 mpg respectively. The Regenerative Braking system of Ford Fusion Hybrid saves a lot of energy. Kinetic energy is lost in the conventional braking system, however, the Ford Fusion Hybrid captures 94% of this energy and sends it to the battery. This car is priced at around $20,500.

2011 Kia Optima

The 2.4 liter engine of Kia Optima generates a power of 200 hp. The manual transmission (6-speed) is available only for the LX M/T model. All other models have electronically controlled 6-speed automatic transmission. The safety features incorporated in the design of this car include the dual front airbags, active headrests for front seats, etc. An advanced sensor system is used for the operation of airbags. The fuel economy for cities and highways is 24 mpg and 34 mpg respectively. This car features a hydraulic 4-channel antilock braking system. The seat meant for the driver is height-adjustable. A power-adjustable lumbar support also is provided for this kind of seating arrangement. Information on small cars 2011

Chevy Suburban

The V8 engine of this car comes in 5.3 liter and 6.0 liter capacities. The power generated by 5.3 liter and 6.0 liter engines is 320 hp and 352 hp respectively. Safety features of this car include the driver airbags, passenger airbags, traction control system, etc. Electronic stability control system (StabiliTrak) proves to be useful for maneuvering the car in emergency situations. The four-wheel antilock braking system helps in maintaining steering control and reduces wheel lockup. The Ultrasonic Rear Parking Assist is a feature that provides a warning about stationary objects. Fuel economy of this car is 15 mpg. The starting price of Chevy Suburban is around $41,000.

The different cars described in the article above, should help in choosing the best family car for 2011. These cars from different brands have different features which make them suitable for family; spacing and fuel efficiency are amongst the important of these features. The information presented above should therefore, prove to be useful.
should also prove to be useful in finding a suitable family vehicle. The starting price of this vehicle is around $19,000.

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