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How to Become a Robotics Engineer

Robotics is one of the most prominent and popular branch of engineering and lies at the forefront of science and technology research. Every year, thousands of students aspire for a successful career in the field of robotics, but very few of them actually succeed. There is a lot of hard work involved in robotics though it is a fun filled career. Before we acquaint ourselves with important details about how to become a robotics engineer, or education requirements for robotics engineer, let us know how a career as a robotics engineer is.

Duties of a Robotics Engineer

Robotic engineering involves preparation of robots after carefully analyzing the needs and demands of the clients. A robotics engineer must be able to design a robot as per the type of machine desired by the client. Though designing is the main responsibility of robotics engineers, they also have to manufacture the robots to complete all the tasks which the client wants. Application of robots, which means testing them on various tasks is an equally important function of the robotics engineer. The robotics engineer job description does not end here as they are also expected to participate in the design and manufacturing of control systems for the robots. All kinds of machines face working problems at some point of time. Robotics engineers provide troubleshooting solutions and help the clients deal with these problems effectively.

Becoming a Robotics Engineer

Go through the following vital steps that will help you to become a robotics engineer:
  • Preparation for a career in robotics should start from high school itself. You should concentrate on subjects like trigonometry, computer aided drafting, geometry, algebra, computers, and physics to get your basics right
  • Robotic engineering is a very specialized branch of technology and hence you need to have the right educational qualifications to make a mark in this field. A bachelor's degree in robotic engineering would be the best launch pad for you in this career
  • You should have an in depth knowledge of pneumatic systems, hydraulics and electronics to become a good robotics engineer
  • Basic to advance computer knowledge and software application skills are also a must for a robotics engineer
  • A master's or doctoral degree can be extremely useful for career advancement purposes as well as getting top jobs in this field
Getting jobs as robotics engineers would be easy for those who have sound fundamental knowledge However, you should be ready to work as a trainee before you get employment in top notch firms. Participate in your college's placement programs to find the right employer.

Robotics Engineer Salary

Robotics engineer salary largely depends on the years of experience, educational qualifications, location of job and kind of employer. According to job market experts, the entry level salaries can be around $50,000 to $65,000 per year in the field of robotics engineering. Engineers working in the design field can earn anywhere between $60,000 to $75,000 per year. There are robotic engineers who prefer working as computer scientists. Such engineers can expect a higher salary as their skills are much in demand. Pay package for them can be in the range of $80,000 to $100,000 per year. The robotics engineer average salary has shown a growing trend over the years, and it will continue to grow steadily according to industry insiders.

By now, you must have certainly understood how to become a robotics engineer. The field of robotic engineering needs quality manpower and talent in large numbers, and hence it would be a good opportunity for young engineers to achieve their career goals. So, take advantage of these opportunities and build a solid career. All the best!

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