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Human Tongue Facts

The human body is one of the most fascinating machines created by nature. Which is why, it has been an interest of study for hundreds of decades. Out of all the organs and muscles found in our body, the tongue can be a delightful study. We all know that the tongue is used for eating food, aiding in speech production (talking to people), spitting and swallowing saliva. Apart from these well-known human tongue facts, we can use our tongues for kissing someone too. Considering all the information, doesn't the tongue seem much more intriguing? So, would you like to know more about this wonderful organ of taste? If yes, then keep reading.

Interesting Facts About the Human Tongue

Apart from the different functions of the tongue, there are a few known and unknown human tongue facts that everyone should learn about. Which is why, we have put together a list of facts below for you to read. Take a look.

Fact #1 - As our tongues can taste sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami or savory (5th taste) tastes, you'd wonder how fascinating this all might be. It in fact is the only taste sensing muscles in our body because there are approximately 10,000 taste buds found on our tongues (2,000 of those taste buds are underneath the tongue, inside both cheeks, on lips, and at the mouth's roof). You can identify the salty and sweet tastes from the tip of your tongue, the bitter taste from the base of your tongue, and the sour taste from either side of your tongue.

Fact #2 - The human tongue is considered to be the strongest muscle in the body and one of the most sensitive too. Not only that, but our tongues are the most flexible muscles as well. Also, the tongue works as a natural cleaner for the teeth and can heal faster than any other body part.

Fact #3 - The color of the tongue tells us if there are any health conditions which need to be addressed to. Normally, our tongues should be pink in color to signify good health. However, when the color changes to white, it usually means that there is a fungal infection. On the other hand, if the tongue changes its color to light yellow, then it means that you either have a fever or a stomach problem.

Fact #4 - Our tongues are responsible for detecting and transmitting taste signals to our brains. There are approximately 10 to 15 receptacles found in each taste bud that carries the message to the brain. As there are various nerves present on our tongues, the signal can be carried till the brain so that it can detect and differentiate the various flavors and tastes.

Fact #5 - If you happen to look at your tongue with a magnifying glass, you will find that there are tiny bumps all over it. In actuality, there are thousands of tiny bumps on it which are scientifically known as papillae. The papillae is home to your taste buds which can detect various tastes.

Fact #6 - Our tongue has to be moist and presence of saliva is necessary in order to identify the taste of food. To make it more simple, a dry tongue will not be able to tell what it is tasting. It cannot differentiate between the 5 different tastes. Let's say that you place a piece of lime on your dry tongue, your brain won't be able to understand what taste it is.

Fact #7 - The human tongue is somewhat similar to the fingertips. Let me explain how. Every individual has a unique shape of the tongue with different number of taste buds on it. Which is why, the tongue imprint of each individual's tongue will be different as is with the fingerprints.

Fact #8 - Out of all the muscles found in a human body, our tongue is the only muscle which is not connected on both sides. Every other muscle in our body is in fact connected from either side.

Fact #9 - The texture of the tongue is usually rough. If you haven't noticed it, do so right now.

Fact #10 - Even though an individual can roll his/her tongue about 85% of the way, not everyone can do this. Only some individuals can roll their tongues and that my friends, is a fact.

These were some human tongue facts for kids and adults. I'm sure that you have some mixed feelings after learning about some and amazing facts about the human tongue. Many a times, it becomes necessary to keep ourselves updated and educated about our body and its functions.

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