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Make love, patch up after a fight

Make love, patch up after a fightYou promised each other that you wouldn't let the sun go down on your fights, and, come what may, you'd kiss and make up before the night was out. Whatever happened to that pact? Now after a fight, you both occupy two ends of the bed, both unwilling to make the first move to patch up.

Come on, why carry your spat into the next day? We give you 10 tips on how to resolve a spat, and get into the kiss-and make-up mode

1. One of you has to make the first move. Keep a track of who made the last first move, and automatically know that in your current fight, it's the turn of the other to initiate the peace move.

2. If the showdown the two of you've had is over something trivial, then see if you can lighten up things by laughing out loud over how silly the two of you have been. Nothing like a hysterical, uninhibited laughter to defuse the situation.

3. If the fight's been over something major like finances or bringing up the child, then figure out in your head as to why it turned out to be a slang-fest. If you lost it because he's run through the month's budget in less than 10 days, or she's been tight-fisted, get real. Spell out your penalties, and get done with it.

4. If he's been too busy watching cricket and not paid you much attention, and that led to a full-fledged war, then hide the remote, but assist him wholeheartedly in looking for it. He'll wonder what has come over you, but instead of cricket, he'd want to score with you!

5. You both have had a field day calling each other names and biting each other's heads off, how about saying 'even stevens' and go back to ground zero?

6. No-talking mode is disruptive. And going into the long night without resolving your differences will give you both a fitful sleep. So, do an IOU, and keep the next instalment of the fight for the next day. For now, cuddle up and snuggle up.

7. Write off sorry notes... you can pour out more venom and breathe more fire into it, but say sorry at the end, and seal it with a kiss before handing it over to your spouse.

8. A night cap for the two can do wonders. You can fix your drinks on your own if you don't want to do it for the other. A few swigs and the alcohol will make you wonder what on earth you were fighting like cats and dogs!

9. If none of the above works, then sleep on two extreme ends, but inch away closer during the night. The rest, need we say more?

10. The fight's been all verbal, time you got physical!! Talk of taking it to the next level. Make love, not war can be your peace or truce cry!

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